One of America’s Favorite Hamburger Joints is Now Being Targeted by Progressive Leftists

One of the things to know about progressive leftist Democrats, i.e., communist bullies, is that they’ll never stop trying to force their perverted views on the rest of us. Case in point is their latest target of their coerciveness, one of America’s favorite hamburger joints.

Rather than going across the street to grab a food alternative, or the grocery store — there are no shortage of food choices in America — leftists are demanding that In-N-Out Burger change their menu to offer vegetarian choices.

Because nothing says “Hamburger” like a piece of celery.

The “Good Food Institute,” a DC-based communist front group, has filed a petition on, urging people “use your voice to tell the execs at In-N-Out that a veggie burger deserves a place on the menu!”

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The petition reads, as reported by Mediaite via  Grub Street:

If you want a meat-free meal at In-N-Out, you’re going to be stuck eating multiple orders of French fries or a cheese-slathered bun. In-N-Out has been letting its fans down by failing to serve anything that would satisfy a burger-loving customer who wants a healthy, humane, and sustainable option.

Burger chains nationwide have been getting huge returns from meat alternatives, and In-N-Out could do the same. Chipotle has vegan sofritas, Whitecastle has veggie sliders–even fast-food kingpin Burger King has the BK Veggie!

As you can see, the controlists even admit in their petition that they already have a helluva lot of choices to eat vegetarian options at other fast-food restaurants who have caved into their bully tactics.

But that’s not good enough for these crybabies.

In case you don’t have In-N-Out in your area, the food is fast, high-quality, very affordable, and the chain has managed to be extremely successful by offering a very simple and limited menu with very few items. It’s not like McDonalds, Wendy’s or Burger King that have dozens of items on their menu. So asking In-N-Out to add another option to their menu is a much bigger deal than the restaurants mentioned above. It’s breaking with their tradition of offering very few items but being the best at those few items since 1948.

Hey, I’ve got an idea. Go make your own damn veggie burger!




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Matthew K. Burke
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