In Response to the Massive Federal Land Grab, Utah has a Plan


(The Daily Wire) – Lawmakers from Utah are backing a public lands bill they say will scale back roughly 660 million acres owned by the federal government to balance conservation with economic development in their state.

The Utah Public Lands Initiative encompasses 18 million acres of federal land in Utah and includes provisions to expand Arches National Park, designate acreage for recreation and economic development, and build a new national monument.

Reps. Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz, both R-Utah, last week introduced the long-anticipated bill after spending more than three years meeting with stakeholders ranging from ranchers to conservation groups.

The federal government owns one out of every two acres in the West, enveloping more land there than any other region.

The Public Lands Initiative would reallocate 1.05 million acres to private and state control for new recreation and economic development opportunities. To ensure environmental protection, the plan would create 40 additional wilderness areas in Utah, covering more than 2.2 million acres.

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