Independent Candidate Evan McMullin Gets on the Ballot in First State

New Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin entered the race on Monday, just three months before the November election, and on Thursday, the campaign announced that it will be on the ballot in one key Rocky Mountain state.

“Our campaign is a little over 72 hours old, and as our online community, small-dollar donations, volunteer base, and media presence has exploded, we’re thrilled to announce Evan is on the ballot in Colorado,” McMullin for President Chief Strategist Joel Searby announced in a statement on Thursday.

“Colorado is the first of many states to come as our ballot access program kicks into high gear and Evan takes his message nationwide,” Searby said.

On Tuesday, Republican communications strategist Rick Wilson, who is now advising the McMullin campaign, said the campaign is aggressively pursuing a multi-pronged approach to get McMullin’s name placed on as many ballots in as many states as possible.

“There are a lot of states with a deadline that may have passed,” Wilson admitted on CNN. “But there are legal venues for us to get on those ballots still in terms of either appealing those things, being on a third-party line, certain independent line, certain legal recourse.”

“I’m not a ballot attorney, but we’ve hired all if best ones and they are out there kicking butt right now to get us on the ballot as widely as possible,” Rick Wilson revealed.

Evan McMullin officially kicked off his campaign with a speech on Wednesday in his home state of Utah, telling a crowd of supporters that “There is another choice” in the race for conservatives looking for an alternative to the highly unpopular Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, the campaign announced that a whopping 60,000 had signed up to volunteer for the campaign in less than 24 hours.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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