UPDATE: Independent Candidate Evan McMullin Names Running Mate

UPDATE: Check story below for update. The pick has been made. 

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin, a former CIA counter-terrorism officer and House Republican policy director who entered the race about two months ago to be an alternative to the highly unlikable Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, announced on Thursday that his running mate is forthcoming.

“I can’t wait to announce my running mate. You’re really going to like her,” McMullin said in a Facebook post, an indication that the person will be a woman.

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McMullin, 40, a longshot candidate and a late entry into the race, has the campaign motto of, “It’s never too late to do the right thing,” recently polled at 12 percent in his home state of Utah, just one point behind Libertarian Gary Johnson, and surpassed Green Party nominee Jill Stein in his first national poll.

Evan McMullin didn’t say when his VP announcement would be made but the post redirects the user to his campaign website to sign up for updates. McMullin has declared both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as “fundamentally unfit for the profound responsibilities they seek,” however, after waiting for that somebody to step-up and run, they never did.

McMullin has made harsh criticisms about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, calling Hillary “corrupt,” and accusing Trump of being manipulated by ex-KGB Russian leader Vladimir Putin and is too naive to even realize it.

After serving in the CIA for 11 years, Evan McMullin graduated from the Wharton School of Business and spent time as an investment banker, working in mergers and acquisitions at the Goldman Sachs investment firm, “working with all kinds of companies, helping them thrive in the global marketplace.”

From there, McMullin served as a senior adviser on national security issues and as a policy director for the House Republican Conference. He said during that experience he “learned what reforms this government — our government — needs so that it can be more responsive and accountable to the American people so that it listens better to the American people.”


Evan McMullin has named 35-year-old Mindy Finn as his running mate.

Finn, who has been named to POLITICO’s “50 Politicos to Watch” and Washingtonian’s 100 “Tech Titans,” is a digital political strategist who has worked for both Google and Twitter. Friday evening the McMullin campaign released the following information on Mindy Finn:

Mindy Finn was born and raised outside of Houston, Texas where she graduated from Kingwood High School. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Boston University and a Masters in Political Management at George Washington University.

A veteran political and digital strategist, she has worked for some of the world’s most well-known public figures and brands, including President George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Twitter, and Google. This cycle, she was a Senior Digital Strategist for the RNC and oversaw digital programs for the NRSC’s targeted races in 2014.

Finn previously helped to build Twitter’s presence in DC, leading strategic partnerships for politics and advocacy in the 2012 election cycle, earning her recognition as one of AdAge’s “40 Under 40” leading innovation in media.

Finn has been named to POLITICO’s “50 Politicos to Watch” and Washingtonian’s 100 “Tech Titans,” and frequently contributes political and cultural analysis to CNN, Fox News and dozens of radio programs.

She most recently led Empowered Women, a bi-partisan organization that gives voice to a bold, new generation of American women in civic life. Finn has worked for dozens of campaigns up and down the ballot and started her career as a communication and legislative aide on Capitol Hill.

She and her husband David are the proud parents of two sons, Max and Nathan.



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