INSANE: Oregon State University Holding Racially-Segregated ‘Social Justice Retreats’

Though the University of Oregon is regarded as one of the most-liberal universities in the United States, its fellow Oregon university up the freeway, Oregon State University, has fallen prey to the virulent breed of political correctness and black supremacy that has spread through modern academia like Tuberculosis.

Oregon State University has announced that they will be holding racially-segregated retreats to confront and discuss the supposed racism that exists on an institutional level in society. The retreats will segregate based on the races and will stir the racial hatred of black students and teach white students that they and their so-called “white privilege” are the oppressors of minorities.

During the weekend of January 8th through the 10th, the university will host “Social Justice Retreats” that will focus on “white privilege” and “microaggressions,” an alleged super-covert breed of racism that serves as racism on a very subtle level. Or, in other words: anything that race-hustlers can cite as justification for their black supremacy.

One retreat is specifically for white students and is entitled “Examining White Identity in a Multicultural World.” Another, reserved for non-white students, is called “Racial Aikido.”

The university intends to host another retreat later in the month for multi-racial students titled “Multiracial Aikido,” which promises to offer students “a better understanding of your multiracial identities.”

The Daily Caller explains OSU’s preposterous plan:

The university does not appear to offer any social justice retreats specifically for non-white faculty and staff. In order to register for any of the retreats, potential attendees are required to disclose their “racial identity,” sexual orientation, preferred gender pronouns, and whether or not they “identify with a religious or spiritual practice.”

The university website showcases two promotional videos for the “Examining White Identity” and “Racial Aikido” retreats.

The video promoting the retreat for white students featured several OSU students and administrative staff members–all of whom are white–praising the “vulnerability” and “difficult conversations” that future participants will experience at the retreat.

Later in the video, Rachael Weber, an assistant director in OSU’s Division of International Programs, claims that the social justice retreats are just as important as the university’s core curriculum — which already requires students to take at least one course in “Difference, Power and Discrimination”.

Weber goes on to express her desire to require all incoming OSU students to attend the retreats, saying it would be “an amazing gift to the university and to the world.”

The video promoting “Racial Aikido” also features a handful of students and staff members–all minorities–discussing the retreat and praising its focus on “microaggressions.”

One student in the video said that the retreat provides students of color with “a set of tools to deal with overt or subtle microaggressions that you experience as a marginalized student.”

According to the university website, minority enrollments at the university have more than doubled in the last ten years.

At what point do Americans put a stop to this kind of nonsense? While examining socio-political dynamics is an important part of modern academia, it remains clear that universities are only interested in promoting one ideological focus which centers on a premise of outright racism against whites and those who foster dissenting opinions are treated as heretics and bigots.

Our society is coming apart at the seams and America’s race-hustlers will continue to dominate and indoctrinate a new generation of social justice warriors so long as we remain silent about these kinds of ludicrous efforts.

Perhaps if tuition checks start getting yanked, universities will stop entertaining this insanity…

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