Insulter-in-Chief: Obama Mocks ‘Workin’ Folks’ for Supporting Trump [VIDEO]

As the media struggles to shift the narrative away from Hillary Clinton’s insulting “basket of deplorables” description of, in her words, half of Trump supporters, Barack Obama decided to do his part to insult those who have chosen to support the GOP nominee, Donald Trump, as well.

While in Pennsylvania campaigning for Hillary, who is taking time off of the campaign trail after wobbling then collapsing after leaving a 9/11 memorial event, an incident that was initially described as dehydration then changed to a pneumonia diagnosis, Obama mocked and made fun of the “workin’ folks’ who are supporting Trump.

“I keep on reading this analysis that, well, you know, Trump’s got like support from working folks? Like, this is the guy you want to be championing working people?”

And Hillary, who hasn’t driven a car in 20 years, left the White House “dead broke” in 1997 and is now somehow a multi-millionaire, and whose foundation raised millions to rebuild houses in Haiti after an earthquake then built nothing, is for the “working people?” Gotcha.

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“This guy who spent 70 years on earth showing no concern for working people,” Obama continued. “This guy’s suddenly going to be your champion?”

“I mean, he spent most of his life trying to stay as far away from working people as he could, and now this guy’s going to be the champion of working people? Huh?

Obama went on to tell the crowd that Trump wouldn’t let them play on his golf course. I guess Obama does know a thing or two about exclusive golf courses since he plays on them so much, in between vacations.

The insulter-in-chief, also had to add in something about Trump condos. He quipped, “He isn’t going to let you buy in his condo, and now suddenly this guy’s going to be your champion?”

Spoken like a true Marxist hypocrite. Let me remind everyone that Obama, who is ‘so down for the struggle’ will be renting a home valued at $7 million home in Washington, DC after he leaves the White House. It is an 8,200 square foot tutor home which would like have a rental rate of $22,000.

Then again, Obama has always been a “two sets of rules” kind of hypocritical guy. I guess we should be used to it.

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h/t Daily Caller

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