Investigative Report Reveals Hillary Clinton’s ‘Greatest Weapon’ to Beat Trump

Scandal-plagued corrupt liar Hillary Clinton’s minions are already scheming to defeat bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump should he be the eventual GOP nominee.

According to a report on Monday by the New York Times, after interviews with over two dozen close campaign advisers and allies, including several who have spoken directly to the Clintons and have attended a series of meetings and conference calls to answer the question: How do they defeat the real estate tycoon Donald Trump in a general election?

The Clinton camp believes that Trump’s “greatest weapon” they can use to beat Trump is “his tendency to make outrageous, even hateful comments that can come across as unpresidential.”

The report claims that the Clinton campaign is constructing a “campaign against bigotry” in which they will declare America needs more “love and kindness” (pretty hilarious coming from the Clinton political smear machine if you think about it), versus Trump’s perceived “racism, sexism, bigotry, discrimination, inequality,” which are not American values.

The Clinton campaign, according to the report is — shocker — “building up troves of opposition research on his business career,” something that until recently, has only been pin-pricked by GOP opponents.

Moreover, the Times claims that Democrat groups are collectively organizing a coordinated strategy to hammer Trump with “sustained and brutal attacks.”

The plan has three major planks in a general election onslaught against Donald Trump, should he be the Republican nominee:

  1. Portray Trump as a “heartless businessman who has worked against the interests of the working-class voters he now appeals to.”
  2. Broadcast far and wide the “degrading comments he has made against women in order to sway suburban women.
  3. Shine light on his brash and explosive temper to show that he is unsuited to be the commander-in-chief.

David Brock, a leftist and longtime Clinton henchman believes that Trump’s GOP opponents have been too restrained in their attacks against him in order to not offend his voters who they may need to win the primary. He believes that is why none of the attacks against Trump have stuck thus far.

The Times reports that:

American Bridge, a pro-Clinton “super PAC,” has formed a “due diligence unit” of tax and business experts who are poring over Securities and Exchange Commission documents and court records related to Mr. Trump’s business career.

In the coming weeks, Priorities USA Action, a super PAC supporting Mrs. Clinton that effectively portrayed Mitt Romney as a cold corporate titan in the 2012 campaign, will begin scripting and testing ads that use a similar approach against Mr. Trump.

Considering what Democrats did with Mitt Romney’s “47%” video against him in 2012, one can only imagine the heyday the Clinton machine will have with the video of Donald Trump refusing to disavow former KKK grand wizard David Duke — three times — in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper last Sunday, claiming that he didn’t even know who Duke was and didn’t know anything about the KKK (even though he’d previously denounced both).

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Matthew K. Burke
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