Top Radio Host Attacked for Not Jumping on the Trump Train; Here is his Response

Galatians 4:16 – Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?

Top conservative talk radio host Steve Deace, who is based out of Iowa, made news last year when he announced that he was so certain that Donald Trump would not win the Iowa Caucus that he was willing to put his career on the line. Deace said he would quit his job as one of the top conservative talk radio hosts if Trump won. Trump did indeed lose Iowa and Deace remained on the air.

Since that time, Trump has become the presumptive GOP nominee for the presidency after running an unhinged, scorched earth campaign. Deace, like many, is taking a stand and refusing to support someone who is completely antithetical to conservativism and republicanism. He is proudly #NeverTrump and that has drawn threats and attacks from Trump supporters.

Rather than cower and comply, Deace, who is also a contributor for Conservative Review, has a message for the haters, and he didn’t mince any words. He posted this principled response on his Facebook page on Tuesday morning.

Some of you are telling me you’re tired of me telling you the truth about Trump Cult.

I’m tired, too. Would you like to know what I’m tired of?

I’m tired of self-righteous so-called Christians/conservatives who think a pimp/whoremonger/adulterer/liberal/progressive/pro-Planned Parenthood/serial liar is “definitely better than Hillary.” Simply because he has a R after his name and not D.

I’m tired of people feigning being principled, who would be the first folks condemning Trump and the Democrats if they were the ones stupid and morally lost enough to nominate him as their standard-bearer, and not the Republicans. And I’m tired of those people blasting others for having the integrity to refuse to lower themselves to exactly what they claim to oppose, all because it’s on one team instead of another.

And I don’t care how many listeners/readers/followers I lose for saying it. And I’m going to keep on saying it for as long as I have a platform. Even under the threat of losing that platform will I not stop saying it. In fact, such actions will only embolden me all the more that I’m in good company. Because that’s pretty much exactly how those who built both the church and this country in ages past acted in the face of such immoral relativism/hackery/group-think in their day, too.

So do your worst. It’s not that I can’t be intimidated. It’s that I just don’t care.

I’m happy to ban all of you if you can’t handle it. Nobody is making you come here. If you haven’t gotten the memo by now I’m not one of these nicer-than-God believers who shrinks in the face of your cult-like silliness, you’re about to. Not to mention I’m probably a better name-caller than most of you, too. That’s why I get paid the better-than-average bucks.

Have a nice day.

Galatians 4:16

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