Iran Says America Too Weak to Wage War With Iran. Are They Right?

The Iran deal is Munich all over again. By caving to the demands of despots, we are further emboldening them and, worse yet, as the Obama Administration attempts to defend this monstrosity, Iran’s leaders are not even attempting to hide the fact that they intend to continue on their warpath regardless of whatever deal is penned.

Earlier this month, Brigadier General Mohsen Kazzemeini, the top commander of the Tehran province for the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), swore that whether Iran and the U.S. are able to ink a final deal or not, Iran will continue on their warpath and amass weapons and make martial preparations until Israel is destroyed.

Ataollah Salehi, commander of Iran’s army, doubled-down on the comments this week and reveled to Iran’s state-run media that “we are going to destroy them [Israel].”

“Israel only barks, no matter how much weapons are given to [it], we are going to destroy them, we will promise this task will be done,” Salehi was quoted as saying by the Iranian news agency.

Iran continues to fund terrorist operations by Hamas and Hezbollah and the removal of sanctions by Obama’s Iran deal will greatly aid the Iranian regime in their continued funding and augmentation of such terrorist operations that threaten the lives of countless Israelis.

“We are glad that we are in the forefront of executing supreme leader’s order to destroy the Zionist regime,”Salehi said. “They have been hit by those supported by us [Iran] even though they have not confronted us directly; if they confront us directly they will be destroyed.”

Hassan Firouzabadi, chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, taunted Americans and assured that America is too weak to fight Iran if it should come to that.

“The backward Republicans want to go back to the era of the mad [President George W.] Bush,” Firouzabadi said.

“If Republicans want to take Bush’s path, they cannot start a war with Iran, war will not benefit them, what Republicans say are just empty words,” Firouzabadi continued.

According to Iran expert and associate fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies Saeed Ghasseminejad, Obama’s groveling position has emboldened the Iranian regime that really only seems to respond to power, not sniveling attempts at diplomacy.

“Due to the extreme weakness shown by this administration, Iran’s military establishment neither fears nor respects the U.S. anymore,” Ghasseminejad said. “The U.S. faces a credibility problem in the region; the problem will be there as long as President Obama is in office.”

While Mr. Ghasseminejad is absolutely correct, with all due respect to his scholarship, it does not take an Iran expert to see that Obama’s weakness telegraphs an opportunity to the rabidly militaristic Iranian regime.

The Middle East is an ancient society and while the left offers much lip-service about the need to understand different cultures, it seems that the Obama Administration is fundamentally ignorant about Middle Eastern culture and policy.

The Middle East has long responded to more-basic form of diplomacy. Power, not compromise, is what Iran will understand and respect. Unfortunately, power requires strong leadership and President Mom Jeans is just about the furthest thing from a strong leader a nation can endure.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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