Iranian Parliament Shouts ‘Death to America;’ Obama Regime Spokesman’s Response is Simply Unbelievable

In the middle of the Obama Regime negotiating with the Islamic Iranian State of Terrorism in Vienna, the Iranian parliament voted on Sunday to ban inspections of their nuclear program while yelling “Death to America!”

Former Pentagon spokesman and now Obama State Department spokesman John Kirby was asked by a reporter on Monday to respond to the news.

Kirby might as well as quoted former Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s infamous “What difference does it make” Benghazi  line, telling the reporter that the show must go on and it’s nothing new (as if that somehow makes the chants more palatable).

“Does it give you any pause, or any concern that significant numbers of parliament in Iran were chanting, “Death to America!” as they voted on this law that would bar inspections of military sites? Or, do you think that it’s just political grandstanding?” AP reporter Matt Lee asked Kirby.

The hemming and hawing Kirby immediately went into a deflective non-answer, claiming that he was in no position to speak for every individual of parliament who was shouting “Death to America!” Kirby would also not respond to the degree (if any) of concern over the chants.

Kirby insisted that progress is still being made and believed that the new deadline of June 30th remains John Kerry’s focus.

To his credit, Lee tried to get Kirby back to the question, asking the followup:

“Is it not dismaying at all? Does it give you — I mean — these are elected representatives. You know, the secretary [Kerry] made a big point in saying at one point — Iran ran as a democratically elected government and that would include the executive and legislative branch. And these are the representatives of the Iranian people who were saying this.

This is not dismaying to you?”

Amazingly, in what could be one of the understatements of the century, Kirby responded that the shouts of “Death to America” were “not helpful” to the “kind of dialogue” that they desired, but it would have no impact on the negotiations in Vienna.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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