Is the FOX News Founder Conservative? His Pick for a Presidential Candidate Says Otherwise

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FOX News has come under criticism from many in the grassroots conservative base for their seeming preferential treatment of some GOP candidates over others. After the first GOP debate on FOX, Donald Trump made his anger over the questioning by moderator Megyn Kelly very public. Though he threatened to not participate in the next GOP debate on FOX if Kelly moderated and there was a widely signed petition calling for FOX to not use her as a moderator, Trump later said a phone call from FOX News founder Rupert Murdoch smoothed things over.

Despite this public fight, FOX News has devoted a lot of airtime to Trump, more than any other candidate. The real estate mogul remains the GOP front runner in the presidential race despite numerous statements that many a pundit believed would derail his campaign. As a result, Murdoch is calling for another billionaire to enter the presidential race. But, his selection has the conservative FOX News viewers not only scratching their heads, but a bit angry.

On Sunday evening, Murdoch took to Twitter to announce who he thinks should enter the presidential race next.

Yeah, that Bloomberg. The former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, who ran it like a nanny state banning Big Gulps and smoking as well as regulating trans fats and sodium.  Bloomberg gave himself ultimate control over the lives of New Yorkers. If he thought something was bad for you, then he simply did what he felt he needed to do to make you comply with his healthy living ideas. His time as mayor of New York City was social engineering on steroids coupled with the erosion of freedom. The Twitterverse let Murdoch know what they thought about his call for Michael Bloomberg to enter the presidential race.


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Murdoch attempted to clarify his initial tweet, saying that he agreed with much of the criticism of Bloomberg.

So do philanthropic endeavors trump belief in the Constitution and growing an out of control, nanny state for Rupert Murdoch? If you thought FOX News founder Rupert Murdoch was a raging conservative, you are highly mistaken.

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