Dear Sean Hannity: Why Aren’t You Screaming at Donald Trump? [VIDEO]

I used to listen to Hannity every day on the radio and DVR his program on TV and watch it nearly every night. I’ve met him personally, he signed his books for me, saw him throw footballs out into the crowd I was in, I videoed him talking to a newly wed couple giving them advice for their new life together. Depending on where he aired his show from, before the show he would come out and meet with people and talk to anyone – he was a regular Joe, easy to talk to, was just like talking to your neighbor.

That was then, now is now. That was BT — Before Trump.

Today, I heard a clip from his show where he was screaming at “Never Trumpers” and that “idiot 3rd party guy out in Utah” (Listen to his unhinged rant below). He was cursing, having to bleep it out. He was blaming those who have decided they are refusing to vote for a fraud con man and those who Donald Trump himself said he didn’t need in order to win.

Sean, perhaps you should swear at Donald Trump for telling conservative voters he doesn’t need them to win. Isn’t it ironic that so many people like you said the #NeverTrump was a tiny group who didn’t matter and now all a sudden they are so overpowering that they hold the election in their hands?

Sean, you talk to and advise Donald Trump frequently, here is something to think about. I have heard that Donald is telling people he will spend 100 million dollars (Mind you, this is one tenth of what he promised to spend) – and I have seen reports where that is not even remotely possible, maybe even just half of that (and I have no idea how much of that is actually going back into his own pocket from spending campaign money to pay rent for his own buildings). What happened to his promise of spending a billion dollars of his own money on his campaign? Why hasn’t he done that?

Either he is lying about how rich he is or he doesn’t really want to beat Hillary — Sean which is it? If you want to start screaming at someone, scream at Donald Trump.

And finally Sean, I wish you had listened to us instead of leaving your blinders on when we tried to warn you what Trump was/is. I wish you would have listened when we told you what the media would do with all the things he has done and said after they helped him win the republican nomination. Perhaps it wasn’t the blinders, maybe you couldn’t hear us over your screaming. You need to go back to BT and gain back your sanity and then you should think about AT and what it will take to gain back your credibility — if that is even possible.


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Cecil Stinemetz
Cecil Stinemetz
Cecil Stinemetz moved from Kansas to Iowa in 2000. He volunteered with the Cruz campaign 2015/2016 and became National Delegate to Cleveland at the RNC Convention.

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