It’s On! Husband of Jailed Kentucky Clerk has a Message for the Intolerant, Anti-Christian Bigots

Image Credit: Carter County Detention Center

Kim Davis, the Rowan County (Kentucky) Clerk, was imprisoned yesterday by U.S. District Judge David Bunning for refusing to sign marriage licenses for homosexual couples. Davis has taken this stand, despite the Supreme Court’s overstepping state sovereignty by redefining the definition of marriage this summer. Her husband, Joe Davis, is in full support of his wife’s actions and had words for those who, they believe, are infringing on her religious liberty.

Davis stood outside the Rowan County Courthouse Friday morning holding a sign that read “Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah.” But that’s not the only message he sent.

Joe Davis told reporters that his wife is ready and willing to remain in prison for as long as it takes for the government to provide a religious accommodation. Davis is a born-again Christian and has said that signing the marriage certificates for homosexual couples would go against her religious beliefs. When asked by homosexual couples on whose authority she was refusing to sign their marriage certificates, her response was, “On God’s authority.”

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Prior to Kim Davis’s contempt hearing on Thursday, attorneys for one of the homosexual couples who lodged the complaint asked the judge to fine Davis, not jail her. Judge Bunning, a George W. Bush appointee, decided to go far beyond their request and sent her to jail instead.

Some have called for Kim Davis to resign from her position as Rowan County Clerk if she refuses to sign homosexual marriage licenses. Davis served as a deputy clerk under her mother for 27 years before being elected as county clerk, as a Democrat, in November.

Calling Bunning a bully, Joe Davis said, “She [Kim Davis] won’t resign I promise you. Until something gives, she’ll be there.”

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During an appearance on The Mark Levin Show, Texas Senator and 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz said he “unequivocally” stands by Kim Davis.  Taking a firm stand for religious liberty, Cruz stated, “I stand with every American that the Obama administration is trying to force to choose between honoring his or her faith or complying with a lawless opinion.”

Cruz also criticized the hypocrisy of demanding that Kim Davis resign from her position if she does not want to comply, given the fact that mayors of sanctuary cities and Barack Obama himself repeatedly ignore and defy laws while most people look the other way.

“Let me say to every one of them [presidential candidates]:  They are defending a hypocritical standard. Where is the call for the mayor of San Francisco to resign for creating a sanctuary city resulting in the murder of American citizens by criminal illegal aliens welcomed by his lawlessness?

Where is the call for President Obama to resign after six-and-a-half years of ignoring and defying our immigration laws, our welfare reform laws, and even his own Obamacare?

When the Major of San Francisco resigns — when President Obama resigns — then we can talk about Kim Davis [resigning].”

Joe Davis said that his wife’s stand has nothing to do with hatred saying, “We don’t want no violence at all. And we don’t hate these people. That’s the farthest thing from our hearts.

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