It’s On! Marco Rubio Blasts Obama as John Kerry Raises the American Flag in Cuba

At a special event hosted by the FPI (Foreign Policy Initiative) in New York City on Friday morning, Sen. Marco Rubio blasted President Obama’s dangerous deal with Iran and Cuba tyrants.

A son of Cuban immigrants, the Senator focused his remarks on the “dangerous development with Cuba and Iran” as Secretary of State John Kerry makes an arrival to Cuba to celebrate the reopening of the U.S. embassy. At the same time, President Obama is pushing Congress to approve the Iran Deal, a deal Republicans have deeply opposed.

“These two deals represent the convergence of nearly every flawed strategic, moral, and economic notion that has driven President Obama’s foreign policy, and as such are emblematic of so many of the crises he has worsened around the world,” Rubio said. During his speech Rubio offered a three-part plan to “roll back President Obama’s deal with both Iran and Cuba”

On the Cuba reset relations, Rubio slammed the administration decision to exclude Cuban dissidents from the opening ceremony at Havana where the U.S. embassy is located. As president, Rubio pledged to “strive for freedom around the world by promising to invite “dissidents from Cuba and other freedom fighters around the world such as Iranian dissidents to be honored guests at my inauguration as a symbol of solidarity.”


Cuban dissidents have not been invited to the flag-raising ceremony on Friday, which Rubio called a sign of just how backward this policy shift has turned out to be where “this administration sought to make America liked rather than respected by placing politics before policy and adversaries before allies.”

“Cuba’s dissidents fought for decades for the very democratic principles President Obama claims to be advancing through these concessions. Their exclusion from this event has ensured it will be little more than a propaganda rally for the Castro regime,” Rubio said.

The three point bold plans on Cuba calls for the Castro regime to carry out human rights reforms with a choice to give to Castro – “either continue repressing your people and lose the diplomatic relations and benefits provided by President Obama.” The plan also calls for Cuba to be restored back onto the state sponsor terror list until it stops supporting terrorist organizations and harboring American fugitives.

As for Iran, Rubio in his speech vowed to “quickly reimpose economic sanctions” beginning on day one. “I will give the mullahs a choice, either you have an economy or have a nuclear program, but you can’t have both,” Rubio said as the vote for the Iran Deal agreement is less than a month away as President Obama is working to secure enough Democratic votes to prevent Congress from opposing the deal. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) last week during the first Republican debate opposed the deal. Obama is arguing Republicans oppose the deal because they oppose everything the president says or does.

Rubio’s three-point plan for Iran focuses on repairing the damage done to America’s standing in the Middle East and reimposes sanctions on Iran. His policy calls for restoring forces with allies in the Middle East as efforts to rebuild American’s military and ending defense sequestration. As for reimposing sanctions on Iran, Rubio insists a new deal must terminate the nuclear program where “Iran will never be allowed to build a nuclear weapon- not now or a decade from now.”

Rubio, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has made foreign policy a centerpiece of his campaign for the presidential race where he focuses on advancing his foreign policy vision to turn the momentum in his poll numbers.

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Mona Salama
Mona Salama
A young Republican of New York City, Mona Salama is a Grad Student studying Public Policy and Administration at John Jay College. A self-described “girl who loves politics”, Mona writes about New York local political news to national political dysfunction going on today. Mona is frequent contributor to PolitiChicks. Her personal mission is to speak a tone that many news outlets fail to do, by speaking with an opinion backed up by facts. Her passion for conservative American values has made it her mission to use her native New York attitude accent to speak out against liberal destruction going on in her home state and elsewhere.

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