Ivanka Trump’s Breakfast Companion Will Surprise Many, Especially Trump Supporters

If there is one person in media that Donald Trump supporters loathe more than anyone, one would have to surmise that it is Megyn Kelly. Ever since Kelly asked Trump a difficult question during the first debate in the GOP primary in August 2015, the claws have been out for Kelly with many Trump supporters pledging to boycott her show as they alleged that she is a liberal in the tank for Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

During the months-long one-sided feud, when Donald Trump went on the attack against Megyn Kelly on Twitter and interviews, even declaring that “she had blood coming out of her..wherever,” the vile attacks against Kelly intensified. Most recently, Megyn Kelly was the victim of a social media blitz attack after one of Trump’s top defenders, thrice-married Newt Gingrich, angrily accused her of being obsessed with sex when she asked a questioned surrounding accusations that Trump is a sexual predator and brought up the tape in which he bragged that he could sexually assault a woman and get away with it because of his celebrity status.

That’s why it may come as a shock and surprise to many Trump supporters that Ivanka Trump, Donald’s daughter, was recently spotted having breakfast at the Four Seasons in New York with Megyn Kelly. The breakfast, according to a Politico who saw the two at the restaurant, lasted two-and-a-half hours.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall to hear what the two were discussing.

h/t Western Journalism

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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