Jake Tapper Lowers the BOOM on Obama, and It’s AWESOME! [VIDEO]

Although Barack Obama promised to be the most transparent presidential administration in history, his record actually shows that he has been the exact opposite of that promise.

Not only are the vast majority of his records sealed, making him the one president in American history that the people knew the least about before or even after voting, but the press did not press him to learn more about him.

In addition to that, Obama has been accused, and with just cause, of trying to control the media, of refusing to reveal White House sign-in logs, of using government resources to spy on reporters, attack citizens, and even exploiting things like the Espionage Act to give himself an excuse for spying on FOX News’ James Rosen, his parents, and a slew of other reporters.

There is so much more that could be said about the corrupt and secretive administration of Barack Obama, including accepting an award for transparency behind closed doors, but let’s just use those as examples.

So when Obama had the audacity to scold the media and complain about them “not doing their job,” encouraging them to “dig deeper” and “demand more” of candidates, ABC’s Jake Tapper laid into Obama in a way that few in the media ever have. (transcript below)

TRANSCRIPT Courtesy of Newsbusters:

JAKE TAPPER: President Obama, last night, offered a strong media critique, telling us to hold presidential candidates accountable for what they say, question their policies, call out debatable claims. President Obama made many salient points. His message was a good one. But was President Obama the right messenger? The media critic-in-chief had some tough love for journalism Monday night.

BARACK OBAMA: But while fairness is the hallmark of good journalism, false equivalency all too often these days can be a fatal flaw.

TAPPER: Imploring us to do a better job at covering campaign 2016.

OBAMA: A job well done is about more than just handing someone a microphone. It’s to probe and to question and dig deeper and  to demand more.

TAPPER: The President’s criticisms were well said and quite apt. But for many journalists, the messenger was a curious one. Many believe that Obama’s call for us to probe and dig deeper and find out more has been made far more difficult by his administration than any in decades, a far cry from assurances he offered as he first took office.

OBAMA: Transparency and rule of law will be the touchstones of the presidency.

TAPPER: Transparency? Quote, “Obama hasn’t delivered,” ProPublica reporter Justin Elliott wrote in The Washington Post just a few days ago, calling the massive backlog of those seeking and failing to receive information from the government under the Freedom of Information Act, quote, “a disaster under Obama’s watch” with Obama officials aggressively lobbying against reforms proposed in Congress. An Associated Press study last year concluded that, quote, the Obama administration set a record again for censoring government files or outright denying access to them under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Committee to Protect Journalists told CNN today, “The president has fallen short of his promise,” quote, “seizing journalists’ phone records and e-mails, the aggressive prosecutions of whistle-blowers who leak classified information to the press, and the massive surveillance of communications have sent an unequivocal chilling message to journalists and their sources.” The Obama administration has used the Espionage Act to go after more leakers and whistle-blowers than all previous presidential administrations combined, despite official assurances otherwise.

JAY CARNEY: When classified information is leaked, that is a violation of the law. And it is a — it is a serious matter. But if you’re asking me whether the president believes journalists should be prosecuted for doing their jobs, the answer is no.

TAPPER: President Obama’s advice for journalists Monday night was spot on, but Mr. President, with all due respect, when one of the Washington Post editors involved in the coverage of Watergate says that your administration’s attempt to fight leaks and control the media is, quote, “the most aggressive I’ve seen since the Nixon administration,” well, maybe, just maybe, your lecturing would be better delivered to your own administration.


h/t Newsbusters

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