Jake Tapper BLASTS Tabloid Trash Trump JFK Smear as ‘Shameful’ [VIDEO]

“That’s not an anti-Trump position or a pro-Cruz position. It’s a pro-truth position.”

The normally mild-mannered and even-keeled Jake Tapper when off on Donald Trump’s tabloid trash smear against Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, who Trump unbelievably accused of being involved in the assassination of JFK on Tuesday morning.

“Every time you think this race cannot get any more ludicrous, it does,” CNN’s Jake Tapper began on The Lead, Tuesday afternoon.

Tapper further explained:

“It started this morning when Trump cited a bizarre and completely uncorroborated report — and I use the term ‘report’ loosely — in The National Enquirer — the supermarket tabloid — the National Enquirer which has endorsed Trump and is published by a friend of Trump’s has been launching smear after smear against Cruz and his family.”

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After playing the clip of Trump on FOX & Friends, which might as well be a Trump infomercial every morning at this point, in which he repeated the tabloid trash, Tapper laid into the smear, calling it “shameful” and “ridiculous,” while calling his excoriation a “pro-truth” position.

“I cannot believe I need to say the following, but here goes,” a disgusted Tapper began. “There is no corroborated evidence that Ted Cruz’s father ever met Lee Harvey Oswald, or for that matter, any other presidential assassin.

We in the media don’t talk about it because there’s no evidence of it. In fact, there is contrary evidence — well before the picture was taken — Rafael Cruz’s sister was brutally beaten by Castro forces and Rafael Cruz had denounced the regime. 

So any suggestion that Cruz’s father played a role in the Kennedy assassination is ridiculous and frankly shameful.

Now, that’s not an anti-Trump position or a pro-Cruz position. It’s a pro-truth position.” 

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