James Woods Gives the One-Word Answer on How ‘Lily-Livered Republicans’ Can Deal With Obama

Actor James Woods, one of the few conservatives in Hollywood willing to use his huge platform to boldy speak out, has quickly become a “must follow” on Twitter.

Woods tweets are articulate, hard-hitting, and pithy with a dash of snark sometimes added, giving conservatives the welcomed feeling that at least not all actors in Hollywood are America-hating commies.

James Woods’ latest truth bomb, dropped Saturday, doesn’t just hit target rich treasonous Democrat Obama or his zombie, useful idiot followers. Woods hit “lily-livered” Republicans right between the eyes — holding them responsible for not impeaching “nightmare” Obama a long time ago — a sentiment millions of Americans must be feeling.

Woods’ one-word remedy to dealing with Obama?


As might be expected, a loud chorus of agreement ensued among James Woods’ Twitter followers, with some even giving specific examples (there are soooo many) of Obama’s un-American activities and impeachable offenses. One Twitter follower surmised that Obama is actually the defacto leader of the Muslim terrorist group ISIS.

Others agreed with Woods’ assessment of the GOP being “lily-livered” for not having the backbone to impeach Obama.

Off course, one progressive leftist Democrat inadvertently revealed the only reason why the Republican-led Congress hasn’t impeached Obama after his firestorm of unconstitutional activities, the “race-card.” Republicans don’t want to get down in history as impeaching the first (half) black president in history, rather than having the courage to make the case that Obama has impeached himself with his unprecedented usurpations.

Here a lefty even pulls the race card on Woods:

Meanwhile, Obama will reportedly use tonight’s unexpected speech about Muslim terrorism in San Bernardino to push for more unconstitutional infringements on the Second Amendment constitutional right.

Because nothing makes more sense in the treasonous mind of Obama than disarming Americans — making them sitting ducks and target practice for barbaric medieval madmen — and now women.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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