Jeb Bush Probably Thought Trump Would Take Christmas Off From Bashing Him: NOPE!

Bombastic billionaire and current GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has been relentlessly pummeling establishment RINO Jeb Bush from the very beginning of the campaign.

The “low energy” label Trump has hung on Jeb Bush has stuck, and despite millions of dollars spent on ads attempting to portray Bush as a tougher version of the Energizer Bunny, Bush’s national poll numbers continue to be on the decline.

Jeb Bush probably thought Donald Trump would as least show some mercy and Christmas cheer by taking the day off from the drubbing he’s been giving Jeb, but that wasn’t the case, as Trump used his favorite social media tool — Twitter — to continue bludgeoning Bush.

This time, Trump used Christmas Day to hammer Jeb for his weak position on illegal immigration and amnesty, reminding us that Bush has referred to foreigners coming to and staying in America illegally as being guilty of only committing an “act of love.”

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Bush, who entered the race with $100 million, seems to fall further the more that he spends, perhaps a first in politics, as Trump pointed out on Christmas Day to his 5.44 million Twitter followers:

On Christmas Eve, Trump also took a shot at Jeb Bush’s low poll numbers, while throwing in a swipe at another GOP candidate, Rand Paul, at the same time:

According to the latest Real Clear Politics aggregate of presidential polls, Trump has a commanding lead at 36.5%, while Ted Cruz is in second place at 17.8%, followed by Marco Rubio at 11.3% and Ben Carson at 9.3%. Establishment favorite Jeb Bush is tied for fifth place with another establishment hopeful, fellow RINO Chris Christie, at 4.2%.

Trump, Cruz, and Carson, generally considered to be the outsiders in the race, now command nearly 2/3 (63.6%) of the vote, according to the RCP average, significantly more than all establishment candidates combined.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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