Jeb Bush Threatens to Get Really Gross to Gain Attention; Will it Help?

RINO Jeb Bush is beginning to sound desperate, and it’s completely understandable. He has spent tens of millions of dollars for abysmally pitiful poll numbers, as well as a poor finish in the Iowa Caucus on February 1.

Pro-amnesty, pro-Common Core Jeb! has struggled to overcome his bland personality (he calls it a “steady hand”) and has failed to overcome the “low energy” label attached to the former Florida governor by bombastic billionaire and former reality TV star Donald Trump.

Yet, despite his faltering campaign being on low numbers, Jeb Bush has been largely treated like a frontrunner, receiving a disproportional amount of media coverage — especially on GOP establishment-friendly networks like FOX News.

Despite his favorable treatment, Jeb is whining like a little girl, complaining that his media coverage has been so unfair, that he may have to go to extreme measures to get media attention.

Via a report from the Boston Globe, Bush said he could literally moon the crowd and the media wouldn’t notice.

Sitting on his campaign bus — laptop, turkey jerky, and coffee all nearby — Jeb Bush was befuddled over his campaign’s failure to capture more attention from the news media.

“I could drop my pants,” he said in an interview. “Moon the whole crowd. Everybody would be aghast, except the press guys would never notice.”

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One would think that putting the picture of Jeb Bush pulling his pants down, then bending over to an audience, is not going to enhance his image with either the press or voters for that matter.

Keep your clothes on, Jeb. Please keep your clothes on. You’ve received much more than your fair share of media coverage and no one wants to see you naked.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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