Sessions to Dick Durbin on Illegal Immigration: ‘You Are Wrong, Senator Durbin!’

Senator Jeff Sessions , nominated to be the next Attorney General of the United States by President-elect Donald Trump, was vilified by progressive leftist Democrats on Capitol Hill Tuesday. But unlike some previous Republican nominees in prior administrations, Sessions didn’t tuck his tail between his legs when hit with tough questions.

One of those doing the questioning was George Soros’ puppet, open borders advocate, and Democrat Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois, a state well-known for its corrupt politicians, who as always was more concerned about protecting foreign invaders than American citizens.

And Jeff Sessions, to his credit, was not afraid to call him out in multiple ways, including educating Durbin on the difference between the executive and legislative branches in government, something Democrats seem often confused by.

DICK DURBIN:  “When I asked what you would do to address the almost 800,000 dreamers like Oscar Vasquez who would be subject to deportation if President Obama’s executive order was repealed, you said, quote, ‘I believe in following the law. There is too much focus on people who are here illegally and not enough on the law.’

Senator Sessions, there’s not a spot of evidence in your public career to suggest that as attorney general you would use that authority of that office to resolve the challenges of our broken immigration system in a fair and humane manner.

Tell me I’m wrong.”

JEFF SESSIONS:  “Well, you are wrong, Senator Durbin. I’m going to follow the laws passed by Congress.

As a matter of policy, we disagreed on some of those issues. I do believe that if you can continually go through a cycle of amnesty that you undermine the respect for the law and encourage more illegal immigration into America.

I believe the American people spoke clearly in this election — I believe they agreed with my basic view. And I think it’s a good view — a decent view — a solid legal view for the United States of America, that we create a lawful system of immigration that allows people to apply to this country.

And if they’re accepted, they get in and if they’re not accepted, they don’t get in.”

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Sessions had to educate Durbin that he doesn’t have the legal authority to invent laws as attorney general, that his job in that role is to only enforce the laws as written. Durbin didn’t like that answer, however, showing why he has a first name “Dick.”

And of course, we know that Jeff Sessions hit a sore spot when he said that amnesty encouraged more illegal immigration, which is what the Democrat Party, the party of slavery and dependency stands for and wants more of despite its disastrous effects on the nation.

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