Jesse Jackson Shamefully Doubles Down, Heaping Lavish Praise on Tyrannical Communist Dictator Fidel Castro

Race hustler Jesse Jackson visiting with fellow Marxist Fidel Castro

Professional racial grievance industry profiteer, Jesse Jackson doubled down on earlier praises of brutal communist dictator Fidel Castro, calling the madman who used imprisonment and used firing squads against political dissidents a “liberator” and a “freedom fighter” and those Cubans celebrating his death are doing so out of “hate.”

In a shameful statement released Saturday night, “Reverend” Jackson might as well have stated that “Hitler built good roads” in heaping praise on murderous tyrant Fidel Castro, using flowery class warfare lingo that would make Karl Marx proud.

“Castro was poor peoples’ hero, challenging the super rich & powerful,” Jackson argued while sweeping Castro’s brutality and thuggery under the rug because of “education and health care.”

“While Castro unfortunately denied many political freedoms, he at the same time did establish many economic freedoms – e.g., education and health care,” Jackson stated. “In many ways, after 1959, the oppressed, the world over, joined Castro’s cause of fighting for freedom & liberation.  He changed the world.  While we may not agree with all of Castro’s actions, we can accept his lesson that where there is oppression there must be resistance.”

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Earlier on Saturday, Jackson faced heat for tweeting accolades for Fidel Castro, painting the oppressive ruler as a champion of the oppressed. George Orwell, eat your heart out:

“It is understandable that some Cubans and Cuban Americans are celebrating his death out of hate because they lost family members under his rule,” Jackson claimed. “But most oppressed people are celebrating the life of a liberator who fought and won against the rich and oligarchic rule of Batista.”

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Of course, the utopian “hope and change” promises of Fidel Castro never materialized as Cubans have long suffered from his anti-capitalism, anti-prosperity socialism which placed the boot of big government on the neck of economic and political freedom and progress.

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Human Rights Watch described Fidel Castro’s tyrannical rule much more objectively than Jesse Jackson’s romanticized, rose-colored glasses attempt to revise history:

During his nearly five decades of rule in Cuba, Fidel Castro built a repressive system that punished virtually all forms of dissent, a dark legacy that lives on even after his death, Human Rights Watch said today.

During Castro’s rule, thousands of Cubans were incarcerated in abysmal prisons, thousands more were harassed and intimidated, and entire generations were denied basic political freedoms. Cuba made improvements in health and education, though many of these gains were undermined by extended periods of economic hardship and by repressive policies.

“As other countries in the region turned away from authoritarian rule, only Fidel Castro’s Cuba continued to repress virtually all civil and political rights,” said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director at Human Rights Watch. “Castro’s draconian rule and the harsh punishments he meted out to dissidents kept his repressive system rooted firmly in place for decades.”

Jesse Jackson proving that he literally defines the term “useful idiot,” proudly tweeted pictures of himself fawning over Fidel Castro in previous meetings, while trying to conflate and co-opt the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ironically, if either Jesse Jackson or a real civil rights leader like MLK had criticized the Castro regime on Cuban soil, they would have both been locked up at best or executing by firing squads at worst. But then again, Jackson would have never criticized his fellow progressive Marxist, so I’m sure he felt safe speaking in Cuba.

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