JFK Democrat and Hillary Challenger Jim Webb: Democrat Party Must Cater to ‘All Voters, Not Just Minorities’

2016 Democrat presidential candidate Jim Webb. Image Credit: FOX News

Democrat presidential candidate Jim Webb, the only non-Marxist who doesn’t hate freedom in the 2016 Democrat presidential race, said that it’s time for the Democrat Party to get back to its roots and not just cater to minorities.

The former Virginia senator and Secretary of the Navy in the Reagan Administration, and highly decorated military veteran, told The Daily Caller‘s Tucker Carlson on Sunday that, “The Democratic Party needs to get back to its basic message.”

The moderate Webb, sounding completely politically incorrect to the progressive left, said that the Democrat Party needs to reach out to white working people, a segment that Webb thinks the party is losing, if it is to continue to win elections.

“The leadership inside the Democratic Party need to understand that if you look at the election cycles of ’10 and ’14, they need to reach out to include white working people in a way that they have in the past,” Webb, who unlike almost all Democrats, is against open borders and opposes the dangerous Obama-Kerry Iran nuclear deal, suggested.

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“Using the phrase ‘white working people’ almost disqualifies you, though, from the Democratic Party now, doesn’t it?” Carlson asked.

Democratic socialism is alive in well, unfortunately, in the Democrat party as all-American Jim Webb is barely registering anything amongst Democrat pollsters.

Webb chuckled, then responded to Carlson, saying, “We’re gonna reach a period fairly soon in this country where the racial and ethnic labels themselves are gonna not have the same meaning — and they shouldn’t have the same meaning — in governmental programs.”

Webb mentioned that Clay County, Kentucky is the poorest county in America, and is 94% white, and that they vote Republican because they believe the Democrat Party has rejected them, a complete obliteration of a Democrat Party narrative that only blacks and other minorities are poor in America because of discrimination against them by white people.

About the tragic failure of the socialized and scandalous VA medical system disserving our veterans, Webb said that “there’s no excuse for having a backlog of 900,000 people in terms of basic adjudication of your claims. They need to put their people — they need to put their assets into resolving that problem.”

Unbelievably, coming from a Democrat, Webb said that in order to invigorate the economy, the U.S. must lower the corporate income tax rate to bring back the trillions that are being held overseas because of America’s onerous tax laws.

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Webb sounds like an American — a JFK Democrat — not a radical anti-American Marxist in the same vein as Obama, Hillary, or Socialist Bernie Sanders.



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