Jobs Reserved Specifically for Veterans by the Obama VA Says So Much, and Not in a Good Way

An analysis of the jobs reserved for veterans at the Obama Department of Veteran Affairs reveals that the VA is working to meet goals for hiring vets by offering them janitorial positions which pay $13 an hour.

Other higher paying positions such as motor vehicle operator, which pays $6 to nearly $10 more an hour, or secretary, which pays $67,000 a year are reserved specifically for union members.

The Daily Caller News Foundation did the analysis of job offerings at and discovered that those who have risked their lives in service to their country are locked out of the higher paying jobs at the VA and relegated to positions in which they will go from dodging bullets or performing high skill work in the military to scrubbing toilets and cleaning floors.

Of the 3,000 advertised positions, only 50 are targeted specifically to hire veterans. The majority of these positions pay $13 an hour. While there are many other better-paying jobs, many which do not require any special skills, those jobs are reserved only for current civil service employees. Veterans are shut out of those positions.

Just like the Obama regime fudges unemployment figures by not counting the 93 million who are no longer looking for work or counting two part-time positions as one full-time position, they are finagling the veteran employment numbers, too. With a large number of low-paying housekeeping and janitorial positions listed for veterans, they are able to claim high employment at the VA for veterans.

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h/t The Blaze

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