Joe Scarborough: This Trump Ticket Would Make the GOP Freak OUT [VIDEO]

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough weighed in on who he believes would be a terrific running mate for Donald Trump. While this particular name was not on the list that Trump surrogate Dr. Ben Carson, who Trump previously referred to as a “sick puppy” and likened to a pedophile, it is one that many have thrown around and a person, unlike many on the list, who said he would be interested in running with Trump as his vice-presidential nominee.

This person is none other than former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who himself previously launched an unsuccessful presidential bid in 2012.

Scarborough said that a Trump/Gingrich combination would cause problems for the Republican party because the ticket would be imbalanced with two incredibly forceful candidates and voters could be turned off.

“I think that would be a very imbalanced ticket that would make voters, especially swing voters, especially nervous in the fall,” Scarborough said on his “Morning Joe” program. “Newt Gingrich is a force unto himself, as is Donald Trump. I do not think these two chemical elements put together actually benefit each other.”

Steve Schmidt, a Republican strategist, shared a different reason why he believes a Trump/Gingrich ticket would be a disaster — it would be an “old ticket.”

“It’s also an old ticket,” he said. “Newt Gingrich will be 73 years old. And one of the aspects of this election that’s really interesting is that we’ve never, not one time in the history of the country, once we’ve made generational change in the presidency. We’ve never gone back. Barack Obama is technically a baby boomer, born in 1961, although culturally I would argue, he is not. And now we’re going to go back to have a president who’s turning 70 years old, whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, a 73-year-old vice president. I just don’t think that generationally, that makes sense.”

Scarborough continued his belief that a Trump/Gingrich ticket would “invite a meltdown.”

“The two together doesn’t make sense,” he said. “Gingrich accomplished a lot. He was an historic figure. You talk about the contract with America, but because of Newt Gingrich, we balanced the budget for the first time in a generation, balanced it four years in a row since the 1920s, passed welfare reform while liberals were screaming and jumping out of windows saying little children were going to be killed because of Newt Gingrich and he was such an evil man.”

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Although Gingrich did defeat Mitt Romney in 2012 in South Carolina, it was not quite enough momentum to overcome the advantage of money that the Romney campaign had over him. Scarborough said that had Gingrich won the nomination in 2012, he would have advised him against picking Donald Trump as his VP running mate as well as the two together are just a bad mix in a number of ways.

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