Joe Scarborough Has a New Nickname for Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Former Republican congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough and Donald Trump have been in a feud since the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor became the GOP nominee for president.

After being accused of being in the tank for Trump during the Republican primary, Scarborough and Trump had several Twitter wars, ladened with personal insults.

On Monday’s Morning Joe, Scarborough coined a new nickname for Trump, almost taunting the thin-skinned narcissist into a response, but at the time of this writing, Trump has thus far not fired back.

“For 14 months, Amnesty Don has been putting illegal immigration at the center of Amnesty Don’s campaign,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe.”

“And yet nobody in Amnesty Don’s own campaign can tell you what Amnesty Don’s position is.”

“But now Amnesty Don is softening. … So now Amnesty Don this weekend, even Amnesty Don’s own people, surrogates, don’t know what Amnesty Don’s going to do on this,” Scarborough said.

“Isn’t it surprising that some people are calling him Amnesty Don?” Scarborough said as he mockedTrump, using Trump’s often used “some people” line against him.

Watch below as Scarborough labels Trump “Amnesty Don,” a jab at Trump’s “softening” position on illegal immigration, which has shifted from a “deportation force” (in the GOP primary) that will remove all illegal aliens, to a more Jeb Bush-like position of deporting only illegals who have committed additional crimes since entering the United States.

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It looks like Scarborough is now officially out of the business of making Trump a “legendary figure.

h/t: The Hill

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