Joe Walsh Righteous Rant on Trump Syria Strikes: ‘I Did Not Vote for John McCain!’ [VIDEO]

Count former Republican congressman and conservative talk show host Joe Walsh as not a fan of President Donald Trump’s decision to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria on Thursday.

Walsh, who has been a staunch supporter of President Trump but has also been outspoken when he thinks the president has gone off the rails, said on Friday that the decision breaks with longstanding campaign promises by Trump to stay out of Syria and the Middle East.

An outraged Joe Walsh warned his audience that he was going to shout at the top of his lungs into the microphone, after returning from a break, and yelled that “THIS IS NOT THE DONALD TRUMP I VOTED FOR!”

An irate Walsh said that he did not vote for John McCain , or another “neocon” or any other Republican or Democrat who was going to get the U.S. involved in another Middle East country’s civil war:

“This is not the John McCain I voted for! There, I got that off my chest.

I did not vote for John McCain!

I did not vote for some neocon!

I did not vote for a Republican or Democrat who is going to drag us again into some Muslim civil war!

“Damn, that’s not what Trump told me,” Walsh, who was elected in the Tea Party wave of 2010, but was redistricted out of office, said with disappointment clearly in his voice. “Every day of the campaign, Trump told me — no, no, no — every day of the campaign Trump told me, ‘Stay the hell out of Syria!'” he bellowed.

“When are we going to learn we cannot force these people to become civilized?!” he hollered. “We can’t pick winners and losers! We cannot force a democracy upon any country in the Middle East. Cut that out!” he barked.

President Trump has received a backlash from some hardcore supporters, including Infowar’s Paul Joseph Watson who tweeted after the attacks to the president that, “Americans didn’t vote for you to intensify Hillary’s disastrous foreign policy.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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