John ‘Bendover’ Boehner Says it’s ‘Laughable’ to Call Him a ‘RINO’; Boehner Challenger J.D. Winteregg Powerfully Responds

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Amidst reports that Democrats may have to be enlisted to save his speakership, Surrender Caucus leader John “Bendover” Boehner, went to his favorite news outlet, leftist site Politicothis week to refute his well-established establishment RINO (Republican-in-name-only) status.

Boehner, who has caved to the Obama dictatorship on virtually every issue important to principled, patriotic and constitutionally-grounded Americans, issues like defunding Obamacare, defunding Obama’s illegal amnesty, defunding Planned Butcherhood, not raising the debt ceiling, and Obama’s disastrous Iran deal — except for show votes — told the left-wing rag that he’s no RINO.

“I don’t think they understand I’m as conservative as they are,” Boehner said about the House Freedom Caucus, a group of solid and principled conservatives. “When I voted regularly, I had the eighth most conservative voting record in Congress. And the idea that I’m the establishment, that I’m some RINO, is just laughable. It really is,” big-moneyed Boehner argued, going on to say that he sees his job somehow as “a big chess game,” rather one of standing on principles.

John Boehner’s challenger, J.D. Winteregg, a grassroots, non-politician candidate strongly refuted Boehner’s defense, saying his continual “acquiescence” to Obama and Democrats equates to Boehner being “clearly a RINO,” bashed Boehner’s re-election campaign slogan of “one of us, fighting for us” as a sham, and said that Democrats will have to “save his hide.”

Winteregg told Politistick:

“John Boehner spent well over a million dollars the last election cycle trying to convince people that he was “one of us, fighting for us.” He has a history of investing his time in trying to convince the people that he’s something he’s not.

Actions speak louder than words, and judging by his continual acquiescence to the President and Democrats, he’s clearly a RINO.

That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Speaker solicited support from Democrats to save his hide. Odds are that he and the Democrats will attempt to portray the strong conservatives as extremists in order to keep supporting Obama’s disastrous policies.”

In an extensive and exclusive PolitiStick interview with J.D. Winteregg last month, Winteregg said that Boehner fights harder against conservatives than he does Obama and the left.

“It’s funny, last time he ran, his slogan was ‘One of us fighting for us,’ causing us to ask, ‘who us is?’ And I think at this point he’s fighting for team Obama more than he’s fighting for Republicans and conservatives. He [Boehner] fights harder against the conservatives than he does Obama and the left.”

During that interview, Winteregg proclaimed that Boehner was “fighting for the wrong team.”

“I would say they’re fighting for the wrong team. It’s frustrating because Boehner says ‘we need to come out and be team players — we’re a family.’ And then, he attacks his family members — his team. I don’t think he’s even on our team. That’s the reason why I’m running.”

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Amazingly, Winteregg, who ran against Boehner in 2014, with very little money or name recognition, received almost a quarter of the vote, 22.7%, with another Republican candidate receiving 5.8% against the well-funded Boehner.

It is certainly a David vs. Goliath race, but after the historic defeat of Boehner’s righthand henchman, Eric Cantor, then the second most powerful RINO in the House in 2014 by political newcomer David Brat in Virginia, anything is possible, especially considering the current anti-incumbent environment.

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Matthew K. Burke
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