Delusional RINO Spoiler John Kasich Hints at Running Mate in His Magical World

Establishment RINO Ohio Governor John Kasich, who is mathematically eliminated from being the GOP nominee, meaning he would need to perform the impossible task of earning more than 100% of delegates remaining to get to the magical number of 1,237 (Kasich received zero delegates last night), gave a hint of the type of running mate he would choose in his delusional mind if he were somehow the GOP nominee.

Yes, John Kasich, who thinks Jesus is pro-Obamacare, is pro-amnesty, pro-Common Core, and receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from anti-American one-world government proponent George Soros, is open to naming a Democrat should he miraculously be able to get more than 100% of remaining delegates.

You can’t make this stuff up.

The Washington Examiner reports (emphasis added):

The questioner then asked whether the Ohio governor would consider selecting a Democrat as his vice presidential running mate. Kasich avoided immediately answering the question before indicating he would not rule out working with a Democrat.

“If you’re going to bring somebody over they need to know what you’re about. And they can’t spend their time trying to pick at you and undermine you because, frankly, we don’t have enough time to do it,” Kasich said. “Just because someone happens to be a Democrat doesn’t mean they’re disqualified. President Obama, he had his secretary of defense, Bob Gates, a Republican. And I think Bob did a fantastic job for him.”

Kasich has been under fire on social media for staying in the race, ironically benefiting bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump by splitting the “anti-Trump” vote between himself and Ted Cruz .

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Below is a representative sample from Twitter, under hashtags like #DropOutKasich and #KasichDropOut

Many have assumed that Kasich has made some kind of “deal” with Trump to stay in the race to damage Cruz, with the kickback being he’d be named as Trump’s running mate should he go on to win.

However, John Kasich rejected the idea on Wednesday.

“I’m going to be nobody’s vice president, okay?” Kasich said emphatically. “I will not be anybody’s vice president — just so you know,” he promised.

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