John Kasich’s Embarrassing Gaffe; Is He Ready for Prime Time? [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, Ohio Governor and RINO GOP presidential candidate John Kasich nearly tied himself in knots explaining to attendees at a campaign event in New Hampshire why he is a good compromise between the two DEMOCRAT candidates for president, wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders and corrupt liar Hillary Clinton.

In another open mouth, insert foot moment, Kasich said before the GOP debate last week, “I ought to be running in the Democrat primary, I got more Democrats for me. You have any Republican friends?” On Thursday, he was at it again, even causing Clinton operative and the host of ABC’s Good Morning America George Stephanoupolus to be confused with his mixed political party messaging. (video below)

John Kasich finished second in the New Hampshire primary, precisely where he was expected to finish by many considering the fact that New Hampshire tends to be more liberal and Kasich put all of his campaign eggs in the New Hampshire basket holding over 100 events in the Granite State.

In hopes that his finish will give him some momentum heading into South Carolina, Kasich is making the media rounds. But, his appearance on Good Morning America may not do him any favors since Kasich himself once again pushed the notion that he should be the choice of Democrats, confusing Stephanopoulos in the process.

During their exchange, Kasich attempted to brag about his belief that he could win over Reagan Democrats, despite Kasich’s support for Common Core and his claim that Jesus would approve of Obamacare. His wording, however, was a bit confusing.

“Most of these conservative Democrats when they see a socialist winning, they’re like, ‘What’s happened to my party? I mean, I’m a Democrat, but I’m certainly not a socialist.’” 

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This prompted Stephanopoulos to ask incredulously, “You’re a Democrat?” A seemingly confused Kasich then tried to explain his muddled words.

 “I said we can attract the Democrats, George, because —  well, look, my father was a Democrat and I’m a strong conservative Republican.” 

Kasich’s claim of being a strong conservative Republican could be questioned by many considering his penchant for big government policies but also since he has sold himself as a potential contender for the Democrat primary.

That makes three times in less than a week that John Kasich has committed an embarrassing gaffe in identifying himself as a great Democrat candidate. Since that’s a narrative he is choosing to push, however, is it a gaffe at all, does it show he isn’t ready for prime time or is it admission to his real political leanings?

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