John McCain Challenger Alex Meluskey Blasts McCain for Funding ‘Planned Parenthood Human Trafficking Racket’

RINO Senator John McCain (Left) and Alex Meluskey (Right) at the 2015 Values Voter Summit in Washington DC

It’s campaign season again, and entrenched establishment RINO Senator John McCain, 79, who replaced the legendary Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater in 1987 after spending four years in Congress, is trying to sound like a conservative again, even having the gall to attend the Values Voter Summit, attended by the type of conservatives McCain often refers to as “crazies” and “wacko birds,” in the nation’s capitol over the weekend.

“You’re going to hear from many important speakers, including a number of candidates for President of the United States,” McCain began his speech to the Christian conservative audience. “Listening to a former, unsuccessful candidate from two presidential elections ago – which is practically a century in Washington years — probably isn’t your first priority,” big-moneyed McCain said, using the speaking opportunity to quote his ideological cousin and anti-Semite former Democrat President Jimmy Carter, rather than conservative hero Ronald Reagan.

“I’ve had differences of opinion over the years with former President Jimmy Carter – who is in my prayers as he suffers ill health with grace and courage,” McCain said. “But he was never more right or wiser than when he observed that America didn’t invent human rights. Human rights invented America.”

McCain called for an end to infighting among the various wings of the GOP, and praised fellow Surrender Caucus Leader and RINO John “Bendover” Boehner, who shockingly announced his resignation from both his congressional seat and speakership, effective at the end of October, on Friday.

“I think he’s a fine man. And I hope that now the Republican Party will join together and sit down and try to resolve our differences,” John McCain told Reason TV‘s Nick Gillespie, proclaiming that he is a “great admirer” of the unprincipled John Boehner, going on to tell Gillespie that he will continue to fund the barbaric and satanic Planned Butcherhood with taxpayer money, rather than face any potential political heat from a partial government shutdown.

Of course, only when they have already delivered their smears against their political opponents do establishment squishes like McCain, or Marxist tyrants like Obama, call for “civility,” a sleazy attempt to silence dissidents.

One of John McCain’s primary opponents, small businessman, radio host, and FAIRtax champion Alex Meluskey, a political newcomer who is running an insurgent grassroots campaign against the entrenched RINO, shot back at McCain’s unwillingness to fight to stop the “human trafficking racket” of Planned Parenthood, saying he would support shutting down the government in order to protect “the most innocent and defenseless amongst us.”

“Senator McCain said he would not shut down the government over the Planned Parenthood human trafficking racket,” Meluskey said in a statement. “He said he would not support a shutdown because he would not want to let our veterans down. Where was Senator McCain when veterans were dying while waiting for care at the VA hospital that sits a few miles from his offices in Phoenix? Why has he ducked and dodged veterans groups in our home state of Arizona for the past five non-election years?” Meluskey asked.

“I would support shutting the government down in order to shut down Planned Parenthood’s human trafficking racket, and to protect the very first right of the most innocent and defenseless amongst us.” Mr. Meluskey asserted, while taking the opportunity to sharply hit McCain on his anti-religious liberty stance in regards to the Kim Davis case, saying that McCain apparently doesn’t comprehend that the Supreme Court doesn’t have the power to redefine the meaning of the word marriage.

Christian pro-life leader Alveda King, niece of famed civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., was impressed with Meluskey’s strong pro-life stance after meeting him at the Values Voter Summit, thanking Meluskey on Twitter for “standing up for biblical principals and the fight for the unborn,” while referring to the McCain primary challenger as “my friend and next Senator of Arizona.”

“Senator McCain clearly does not understand the Kim Davis situation,” Meluskey contended. “He clearly does not understand that the judicial system does not make laws. He has, by default, given up his power as a legislator to properly represent the people of Arizona, by failing to recognize that it is the United States Congress that makes the law, and not the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court ruling does not a law make,” Meluskey stated.

PolitiStick has conducted extensive interviews with both Alex Meluskey and Arizona State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward, the other main primary challenger to McCain, and you can see them HERE and HERE.

Ironically, McCain tried in his speech at the event to connect with the audience at the Values Voter Summit by giving lipservice to “human life” and “religious freedom.” However, his track record proves that he is unwilling to fight for either.

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As it was with McCain’s 2010 broken campaign promise to “build the danged” fence and secure the border, it is only carefully crafted words used during a re-election campaign, and written campaign staff, intended to tickle the ears and once again dupe the voters of Arizona into yet another six year term.

A source attending the event said that when John McCain and Alex Meluskey met briefly at the event, McCain told Meluskey that he liked Meluskey’s new campaign ads, which were run during the recent GOP presidental debate in Arizona.

Since the ads were anti-McCain, it is doubtful that McCain liked the ads. Just another example of McCain’s insincere statements.

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