John McCain Primary Challenger Alex Meluskey Has a Stern Message for RINO Mitch McConnell

McCain challenger Alex Meluskey calls for the resignation of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Alex Meluskey, who is running a grassroots challenge to entrenched establishment-backed Senator John McCain, has a message for another RINO relic, Senate Surrender Caucus leader Mitch McConnell — do the right thing and “resign immediately.”

In a statement issued over the weekend following the stunning resignation announce of John Boehner’s on Friday, Meluskey said there is a need for new leadership in the GOP, while applauding Boehner for “seeing the light.”

“The resignation of House Speaker John Boehner brought to the forefront the need for the Republican Party to turn itself over to a new generation of leaders,” Meluskey proclaimed.  “I applaud Speaker Boehner for seeing the light and realizing that he was no longer effective and the time was right for him to step aside and allow for the Republican conference to move ahead with a renewed sense of moral toughness,” he declared.

Meluskey, a small businessman, radio talk show host and champion of the FAIRtax, a proposal that would abolish the IRS and the federal income tax system and replace it with a national consumption tax, said that Mitch McConnell should follow the example set by Boehner’s resignation.

“I call on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to follow the example of the House Speaker, and resign immediately from Senate Leadership and give the people of Kentucky the chance to elect a true citizen representative who will serve their interests, instead of the interests of the political insiders in Washington D.C.”

Melusky continued, blasting both Boehner and McConnell for the broken campaign promise of stopping the Obama “agenda of fundamental transformation” if conservatives would only give them majority in both houses of Congress.

“It was Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell who repeatedly told the Party faithful that if we just controlled Congress, all of those planks of the conservative Republican platform, which they hold near and dear, would come to pass, and that the Obama agenda of fundamental transformation would be halted.

Instead, what we got under their leadership was a Republican agenda of compromising the conservative principles of the party platform, through capitulation and surrender to an already powerless Democrat Party.

Leader McConnell would do a great service to the people of these United States, the state of Kentucky, the conservative movement and the Republican Party if he followed the example set by House Speaker Boehner and resigned his leadership position and his Senate seat in order to allow for a new generation of leadership and a true citizen representative to advocate for his state.”

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John McCain was censured by the Arizona Republican Party last year for his liberal record, which includes being in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens after promising during his 2010 re-election campaign to “build the danged fence,” a structure Arizona voters are still waiting for.

Meluskey, along with Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward are challenging big-moneyed McCain, who will turn 80-years-old next year. PolitiStick recently interviewed both candidates HERE and HERE.

Calling for the resignation of the man who will be his “leader” if elected to the U.S. Senate is a courageous move for Meluskey, and an indication that he won’t be just another establishment stooge if elected.


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Matthew K. Burke
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