Josh Earnest Reveals if Obama Would Be Open to Pardoning Hillary [VIDEO]

As Donald Trump campaigned for the presidency, he let it be known that he would appoint a special prosecutor in regards to Hillary Clinton and her reckless use of an unsecured, private email server which was housed in someone’s bathroom. Clinton carelessly handled classified and top secret information and experts believe there is a 99% likelihood that her server was hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies.

Chants of “Lock her up!” could frequently be heard at Trump rallies when he spoke about Hillary Clinton. So, the question being pondered and that was actually asked of White House spokesman Josh Earnest at Wednesday’s press briefing is this. Would Barack Obama be open to pardoning Hillary Clinton even though she has not yet been charged with any crime?

Earnest’s non-response speaks volumes.

“The president has offered clemency to a substantial number of Americans who were previously serving time in federal prisons,” Earnest said.

“And we didn’t talk in advance about the president’s plans to offer clemency to any of those individuals and that’s because we don’t talk about the president’s thinking, particularly with respect to any specific cases that may apply to pardons or commutations,” he added.

By skirting the issue and not providing a direct answer, Earnest is essentially saying that Barack Obama would be open to pardoning Hillary Clinton. Doing so would send a loud and clear message that some people are above the law and can get away with crimes that would send others to jail. All you have to be is an elite progressive Democrat and if your last name is Clinton, you’re awarded bonus points towards your get out of jail free card.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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