What Joy Behar Just Said About Bernie Sanders is Beyond Disgusting

Image: Twitter

Before you move on and view this tweet from Joy Behar, one of the liberal whack jobs and intolerant hosts of ABC’s The View, to wild-eyed socialist Bernie Sanders, make sure you are not eating or drinking anything.

In fact, you may want to make sure if you have eaten that your food is fully digested. If you’re wondering why let me just give you a little precursor. The sexual innuendo nature of this tweet is so disgusting, especially if you get the image of what she tweeted in your head, that you just might hurl.

Behar, who has long been a supporter of Bernie Sanders, thinks that it is time for Sanders to call it quits and drop out of the race. The way she urged him to leave the race, however, is so sexually suggestive that it grossed people out.

Pull out? Gross! That is a picture in my mind that I would rather not have. The two are standing awfully, and a bit uncomfortably, close in this picture.

People on Twitter were quick to let Behar know how disturbing her words were.


Do you sense a theme there? I warned you that you might hurl.

Then there are those who just wanted to destroy technology after seeing the sexual suggestiveness from Behar.

This person wanted to just get that vision out of his head.

I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures.

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