Tim Kaine Breaks Trump’s Interruption Record; Unfavorables Soar

Democrat Senator and Hillary Clinton running mate Tim Kaine previously had the reputation as a congeal, Mr. Rogers-type character. But after the first and only VP debate on Tuesday night, many are feeling that he came across as a cantankerous horse’s ass. And it’s even showing up in post-debate polls.

After the first presidential debate, Donald Trump took heat for interrupting Hillary Clinton 51 times, and it was considered over the top, rude, and even sexist (by lefties, of course). But Tim Kaine interrupted Mike Pence a whopping 60 times, blowing past Trump’s interruption record, with even longtime veteran Democrat operative David Axelrod admitting on CNN last night that Kaine interrupted much too often. For his part, Pence interrupted Kaine 37 times, according to a CBS News tally.

The consensus was that Pence won the debate and even CNN, not exactly part of the right-wing conspiracy, said so in their flash poll, which showed Pence winning by a 48% to 42% margin. Even far-left kook, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews declared Pence the winner, referring to Kaine as coming across as “desperate.”

And with the actual reason for debating being to sell the top of the ticket and convince voters to vote for their respective presidential nominee, Pence easily won on that score. According to CNN’s poll, 29% of those watching were more apt to vote for Donald Trump after viewing the debate, while just 18% of debate watchers said the same about Hillary Clinton.

Tim Kaine’s nice guy image also took a hit. Kaine’s unfavorable rating soared from 28% to 40%, while his favorables held at 55%. For Pence, his favorability rose 7% points, while his unfavorables held steady at 40%.

Yes, Pence won the debate and this was predicted by the GOP, who accidently posted the results of the debate — declaring Pence as the winner — over an hour before the debate even started.

Speaking of “sexist,” Trump campaign manager added a pretty funny turning of the tables, calling Kaine’s constant interruptions of the female debate moderator, Elaine Quijano, as “sexist.”

“I love using that word,” Kellyanne Conway said on FOX News Wednesday morning. “It’s the word that the Left and the Democrats and Hillary Clinton folks love to employ against everyone who doesn’t support her. If you don’t support Hillary Clinton, you’re a sexist. So why in the world was her running mate interrupting and ignoring the female moderator, an Asian-American female moderator by the way, completely?”






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Matthew K. Burke
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