Kasich PAC Uses Trump’s Words to Attack Cruz; Guess Who’s Funding It [VIDEO]

By now, you’ve probably heard about the latest ad by a pro-John Kasich PAC, yes at least one exists, attacking Ted Cruz in Wisconsin. The ad can be described as creepy for two very distinct reasons. It is creepy because it uses the exact language of bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump referring to Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted” while calling him a serial liar. It is also creepy because it shows Cruz’s nose growing so long that it wraps around his neck as if to strangle him.

Beyond those two issues, people should take note of not only who is funding this pro-Kasich Super PAC, but also of the fact that the ad which accuses Cruz of being a serial liar is filled with its own set of lies told to disparage Cruz.

The group behind the ad is the New Day America PAC. They are largely funded by friends and business associates of one-world government and currency manipulator George Soros, whose money is behind nearly every progressive, communist front-groups which aim to take down conservatism and to fundamentally transform America into a place completely counter to the vision of our Founding Fathers’ plan for America to be a bastion of freedom.

The ad also uses three very questionable points to support their claim that Ted Cruz is a serial liar.

The first accusation of a lie draws straight from the Trump playbook that Cruz lied about Ben Carson to “steal” an election in Iowa. Someone from Cruz’s campaign relayed a CNN story that Carson was leaving the campaign trail to go back to Florida for some rest and relaxation. The report, which stemmed from a very poorly worded statement from the Carson campaign, also said Carson was not going to campaign in New Hampshire.

Cruz did not give a directive and there is no evidence that Carson lost any votes from this, let alone the number of votes he would have needed in order to finish in first place instead of fourth.

The second accusation of a lie is even more ludicrous. The ad claims that Cruz “lies about being the best for the GOP.” Of course he believes he is the best for the GOP’s nomination for the presidency. If he didn’t believe this, then he wouldn’t be running. And you may not like someone’s subjective opinion, but it’s not a lie.

The third accusation of a lie is stated without a citation whatsoever, but I guess they were hoping no one noticed that. This lie that the allies of George Soros are using on behalf of Kasich to disparage Ted Cruz is perhaps the most damning.

The group claims that Cruz’s TV ad about John Kasich was such a lie that stations had to pull it off the air. They fail, however, to reference a TV ad or even a state in which this supposedly happened. But, I guess we weren’t supposed to notice that.

Upon learning about the ad, Kasich expressed his displeasure saying “I’ve talked to all the folks in my regular campaign and told them I’m very unhappy with the use of that word.”

“I don’t run that organization, but I’ve expressed my displeasure, and they’re going to — we can’t communicate with them directly — but I don’t like that word, and I’ve told them that. And I said it last night on television, and I would hope that they will not use that word and they’ll take it down.”

Check out the super creepy and weird ad for yourself.

h/t Conservative Review

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