Keith Ellison Caught in MASSIVE LIE at DNC Debate; Here’s the Proof [VIDEO]

In 2014, radical Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison , also known as “Keith X,” told fellow leftist Bill Maher that he wished more Democrats would come out against Second Amendment rights.

At Wednesday night’s CNN debate for those wishing to be the next chair of the Democrat Party, Keith Ellison got caught in a massive lie by CNN’s Dana Bash (say what you will about CNN, but when they do something right, it needs to be pointed out) when he tried to deny what he said to Maher about gutting the Bill of Rights.

“I remember that show very well and that is not what I said,” Ellison argued while telling all the useful idiot democrats in the audience that he was taken out of context while trying desperately to pivot to a different topic — jobs.

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Dana Bash, to her credit, came prepared with follow-up facts and read them to Keith Ellison, directly quoting from the conversation he had with Bill Maher in 2014:

BILL MAHER: “Then why doesn’t your party come out against the Second Amendment? It’s the problem.”

KEITH ELLISON: “I sure wish they would. I sure wish they would.” 

As you can see in our video below, Ellison is lying when he argues that his comments are taken out of context, and kudos to Dana Lash for a professional act of journalism.

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Matthew K. Burke
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