Kevin Jackson: #BlackLivesMatter Should be Designated as a Hate Group

#BlackLivesMatter Agitators protesting for more cop killing in Minnesota. Image Credit: FOX News

One day after the barbaric and horrific racial execution of Harris County police officer Darren Goforth on Friday, a family man who was shot in the back of the head, and then multiple times as he was pumping gas into his patrol car, #BlackLivesMatters communist agitators marched in Minnesota shouting, “Fry like bacon, pigs in a blanket!”

How is this not inciting violence at worst and anarchy and mayhem at best? And why has this hateful front group not been designated as such?

Kevin Jackson, Executive Director of The Black Sphere, and author of Race Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism, was asked this question by FOX & Friends co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck on Monday.

“Kevin, how has the Black Lives Matter movement not been classified yet as a hate group?” Hasselbeck asked. “I mean, how much more has to go in this direction before someone actually labels it as such?” she asked Kevin Jackson.

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“Well, they should do it,” Jackson answered. “But unfortunately it’s being financed by the leftists and ironically it’s people that have nothing really…no concern at all about black lives — people like George Soros,” he said, referring to the anti-American, international socialist billionaire who funds dozens of Democrat Party organizations and front groups, and who has reportedly been funding the #BlackLivesMatter riots and arson in cities across America.

Jackson said that the movement is a distraction from the real root of problems in black communities, the breakdown of the family caused by liberal welfare state politics:

“And of course, it’s a trickle-down theory on the left with this going forward. But the sad part about it is the impact it’s going to have on the black community and the fact that it takes away from so much thought about what really is the problem in the black community, which is lack of whole black families.

And what it allows people to do is sort of say, ‘Hey, let’s point the finger at everything but where it really needs to point. If we had more black families whole in the community, we would have a lot less of this. If the clergy who were willing to support real issues and change in the black community, we’d have a lot less of this [violence].”

“Of course, we’ve got the Congressional Black Caucus who actually loves this type of strife,” Jackson asserted.

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Jackson told co-host Brian Kilmeade that the Democrat Party hopes to “rally blacks off of their seats and into the polling booth” in the 2016 elections, but says that the strategy is likely to backfire and have, ironically, “the exact opposite impact.”


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