Kim Kardashian Silent on Kate Steinle, Goes Off Against the Second Amendment

It looks like Kim Kardashian, the woman made famous when a sex tape of her was released to the public, has aligned herself so deep in Democrat party, anti-Constitutional dogma that she took to Twitter to shoot her mouth off against the Second Amendment.

Kardashian attended a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and took a selfie with the FBI investigated candidate. She excitedly shared it on social media. It looks like Kardashian could care less about integrity and ethics since people on both sides of the political aisle believe this could, and should, completely derail Hillary’s campaign.

It was after this fundraiser that Kardashian used Twitter to push for gun control, despite the fact that she is surrounded by armed guards.

She was set straight on her “facts’ by many on Twitter, including The Blaze’s Dana Loesch and conservative talk radio host Joe Pags.

This is the problem with our celebrity-obsessed society. You have uninformed, idiot celebrities, like Kardashian, with a cult-like following who hang on every word that she says and takes it as truth just because she said it. It doesn’t matter that Kardashian was educated by those who know the law and the facts. Too many of her followers will defend her from what they see as “attacks.”

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Meanwhile, the family of Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal in San Francisco, who had been deported FIVE times, is ignored by the Left, by Barack Obama, and by celebrities like Kardashian because her death runs counter to any Democrat political expediency narrative.

Shame on them.

h/t Newsbusters

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