Kim Kardashian’s Latest ‘Selfie’ Shows Skankiness is Now Mainstream

More evidence that Satan is taking an even stronger hold over our fallen world.

As conservatives, we often talk about how we are fighting a culture war. With the rise of reality TV, we have seen a rise in the mainstreaming of the seven deadly sins, which are pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth, in addition to sexual promiscuity and downright skankiness. At a time when an obvious push is being made by progressive forces to alienate Christians and take God out of society, Hollywood is at the same time celebrating what was once considered questionable ethics, or a lack thereof.

For an example of the praising promiscuity and putting skankiness on a pedestal, contributing to the over sexualization of society, one needs to only look at one of the most popular names in reality TV — Kim Kardashian.

I guess Kim’s shock and awe “look at me” methods shouldn’t surprise anyone. After all, she did become famous because of a sex tape. But now, as the mother of two young children, who is unfortunately adored and looked up to by far too many young girls and young women, Kim’s self-absorbed, highly sexualized selfies are not only downright disgusting, but highly inappropriate.

As if she couldn’t get any lower, Kim Kardashian posted a full frontal nude picture on her Instagram account on Monday morning. (People Magazine reports it is actually an old picture)  But, don’t worry, she put a little bar over her vagina and her breasts in order to comply with Instagram’s usage policies. Still, the picture left very little up to the imagination.

WARNING: Graphic Picture

When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

She’s got nothing to wear? Please. Maybe Kim is jockeying for another porn flick.

As another sad testimony to our society, Kim’s porn-style pic, complete with her dark hair dyed blonde, has over 1 million likes.

More evidence that Satan is taking an even stronger hold over our fallen world.

While the mother of two children, a boy and a girl, under the age of three received lots of praise, with a few gentlemen (if you could call them that) letting her know that they were put off by the black bars because they want to see her full tits and vajajay, she also received quite a bit of criticism.

One guy did not mince any words…

A woman lamented sadness for Kim Kardashian’s children who will grow up one day to see pictures of their mom online letting it all hang out….literally.

Here’s someone calling her out for continuing to act like she is single.

I’m just as puzzled as you are, dude. I wonder if she’d approve of her daughter posing for pictures like this when she is older.

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This guy seemed to question her sanity. Do you agree?

And this tweet pretty much sums up the messed up nature of Kim Kardashian.

Let’s see how many young girls will try to “Keep Up with the Kardashians” by posting their own porno pics on social media.

This is a reminder to all parents out there to know who your children idolize and be alert and aware of what they are putting out on social media and text messaging.

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