Kudos to ABC for this SCATHING Report on Hillary Clinton; You Want to See This [VIDEO]

In a shocking display of journalistic integrity Friday morning, ABC’s Good Morning America revealed a bombshell report on yet another corrupt aspect of Hillary Clinton, one that should concern Americans of all political persuasions.

Rajiv Fernando, who was a major donor to not only the Democrat Party but also the Clinton Foundation, was placed by Clinton’s State Department on a top-secret State Department International Security Board. Fernando was appointed to this post despite having no experience in neither national security nor intelligence.

The Clintons have long been accused of pay to play schemes, with Hillary being accused also of using her power and influence in the State Department to benefit the Clinton Foundation or pad their own personal pocketbooks with Bill speaking under questionable circumstances in exchange for tens of millions of dollars.

ABC also revealed a disturbing incident that happened after they inquired further into Fernando’s appointment at the Democrat National Convention in 2012. A visibly angry Fernando threatened the news crew with arrest if they did not leave the premises.

Hillary Clinton’s staff then put in writing, in an email, a request to stall for 24 hours as ABC pressed harder. Before the 24 hours was up, Rajiv Fernando resigned.

Of course, Hillary Clinton declined to comment on this scathing expose. I guess she’s too busy trying to convince people that Emailgate, currently being investigated by the FBI, is no big deal when in reality it is yet another example of how rotten to the core Hillary Clinton truly is.

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