Kurt Russell Powerfully Schools Leftists on ‘The View’ on Second Amendment Rights [VIDEO]

Recently, Hollywood actor Kurt Russell made waves, and headlines when he came out strongly in support of the Second Amendment. Not  only did he express  his belief in and support of the gun rights afforded to Americans by the Second Amendment, he said that those who believed that gun control would stop terrorism are insane.

Russell appeared on ABC’s The View on Friday morning and reiterated his defense of the Second Amendment. With his long-running Hollywood career, he is obviously not concerned about any backlash for using his First Amendment rights to express his defense of the Second. The self-described Libertarian educated the majority leftists on The View about exactly why the Second Amendment is so important, and why it was put into place by the Founding Fathers.

Leading loud-mouth Whoopi Goldberg acknowledged that the norm for those in Hollywood is to be a leftist progressive (or socialist or communist) by saying to Russell, “You’re a rare bird in Hollywood. You’re a libertarian.” She continued, “Recently, you made headlines by saying gun control, you felt gun control laws wouldn’t deter terrorists. Explain to folks.”

Following the terrorist attack by Muslim couple Syed Farook and his Pakastani national wife Tashfeen Malik, the Obama narrative has been to use the incident to push for gun control, referring to the attack frequently as an example of gun violence. In the background, you can hear one of Goldberg’s fellow controlist leftists say, “Interesting.” You know, because terrorists (and criminals) adhere to laws in the ‘minds’ of these regressive idiots.

But, I digress.

Russell opened up by talking about the ‘dog and pony’ show that entertainers often put on in order to promote a movie. He added, however, that frequently you encounter someone with an agenda. He explained, “Sometimes you get, what you feel is, slightly ambushed by someone who who’s really got an agenda, and that is what I feel, sort of I think, that’s my opinion of what happened to me the other day.”

He was referring to his interview with Hollywood reporter Jeffrey Wells in which Russell defended the Second Amendment. He did not back down from that defense on The View.

While he said he can’t stand watching entertainers and actors getting political, Wells asked him to put gun control in context with his new movie, “The Hateful Eight,” which was incidentally directed by cop-basher and gun grabber Quentin Tarantino.

“I was kind of asked to put it (gun control) in context somehow with this movie. You know, my personal feeling is there’s a big difference between fantasyland and reality. Fantasyland is what we do. You’re either writing something, writing a song, writing a book, doing a movie, doing a television show. That’s fantasyland.”

Kurt Russell then went on to explain exactly why he believes the Second Amendment is so important and why our founders put gun rights in place.

“I think there’s a very strong reason (the) Founding Fathers had for the Second Amendment and that is that no government ever hasn’t had to fight its own people and its own people hasn’t had to fight its own government,” he said. “We had our Civil War. If that second amendment hadn’t been there, those people would not have had the opportunity to do what they considered was defending their life, their way, their style of living, so I agree with that. I think that’s an important part of our existence and it’s basically that simple.”

Yes, it is that simple. But, simplicity will not stop the gun grabbers, as they are surrounded by their armed guards, from wanting to put law-abiding Americans in harm’s way and left to be sitting ducks for terrorists and criminals who could care less about laws.

Kudos to you, Kurt Russell, for taking a stand for the Constitution.

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