Largest Immigration-Reduction Group Issues Major Warning: Don’t Be Fooled by Marco Rubio

The nation’s largest immigration-reduction group, NumbersUSA, which boasts a participation of four million Americans, has issued a major warning to voters about Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio and the issue of border security, illegal immigration, and amnesty for illegal aliens.

“Don’t be fooled by Rubio’s revisionist history,” the organization sent out it a fiery tweet on Monday, linking to his immigration report card that assigns the pro-amnesty “Gang of Eight” leader an abysmal “D” grade.

Marco Rubio has come under fire for repeatedly lying about his lifelong support of amnesty and illegal aliens, getting blasted by conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, who said Rubio betrayed the Tea Party movement, and by modern day Tea Party founder Keli Carender, who wrote a highly researched PolitiStick exclusive opinion piece, branding FOX News darling and GOP establishment favorite Marco Rubio as a “sleazy snake.”

Comparably, Ted Cruz, a constitutional conservative, has a A+ score from NumbersUSA.

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And while Marco Rubio has desperately tried to confuse the issue by charging Ted Cruz of somehow supporting his 2013 amnesty push, the matter becomes irrefutable who was on which side with only a small amount of research.

Even Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” colleague, Charles Schumer , admits that it was Ted Cruz who stopped passage of “comprehensive immigration reform,” i.e., amnesty for millions of lawbreakers.

Chuck Schumer Quote Ted Cruz Gang of Eight

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Matthew K. Burke
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