Latest Move By Joe Biden Camp May Spell Doom For Hillary’s Disastrous Campaign

Granted, I have not been privy to the DNC meetings; perhaps my invitation got lost in the mail. However, I can safely conclude that a large proportion of the topics covered in the inner sanctum of the Democrat Party centers on, “What are we going to do about Hillary?”

According to a report, backers of a Joe Biden bid for the presidency are already assembling a team of paid staffers for a potential run.

For months, Hillary’s campaign has been dying like a wounded deer from a gutshot. The campaign has misfired on all levels. Too rich for the common man, too socialist for the rich and all-around unlikable, Hillary has failed on every level to gain any ounce of momentum and this comes at a time when a charismatic, no-nonsense candidate has rocketed to the top of the crowded GOP field.

In the war of ideas, Republicans are used to winning. But in the war of personalities, it’s a shock to see that even the mainstream media cannot prop-up their failing candidate.

Though Biden has remained mum on the topic, Biden supporters have asserted that it is highly likely that the current vice president will run for office and according to a report from Reuters, these backers are already assembling the team to do so.

The political action committee backing the vice president, Draft Biden, has begun building operations in 11 states holding primary elections on “Super Tuesday” in March 2016, two of the group’s officials told Reuters, an important series of votes for any candidate seeking their party’s nomination.

Draft Biden doesn’t have a firm number for how many staff in total it will hire in those states, said Josh Alcorn, a senior advisor to the group, but the recruitment process is under way.

Whatever the number, adding paid staffers in the 11 states suggests a growing confidence within Draft Biden that Biden will mount a challenge to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, the front runners for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Biden may be playing coy on the issue of whether he will run, but it’s clear that the current plan for the DNC is not working. Hillary continues to slip in the polls of the two-man race between her and Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders- a cookie-cutter socialist with appeal for the very-left, but a man with little appeal to centrist Democrats and any and all Republicans.

With no clear “second stringer” on the bench, the DNC has been forced to back Hillary’s disastrous campaign. However, the heightened whispers of a Biden bid signals a chance that the DNC is looking to pull the starter and send-in the replacement.

With Biden’s reputation for going off-script (he is the only vice president in history to solemnly discuss “man rape” with a crowd), his entry into the race may not yield a Democrat victory in 2016, but it sure would be entertaining.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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