Did Laura Bush Just Say She’d Vote for Hillary Clinton?

It’s no secret that the Bush family and the Clintons are close. In fact, George W. Bush has described Bill as his “brother from another mother.”

But, what Laura said over the weekend will have many people talking, whispering, and wondering how a Republican former first lady could say such a thing as this.

At the Women of the World Summit on Friday, Laura Bush hinted that she would vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump should he be the Republican nominee.

“I want our next president — whoever he or she might be — to be somebody who is interested in women in Afghanistan and who will continue U.S. policies… that we continue to do what we’re committed to do as a country.

That’s who I want — or the kind of people that will do that and will pay attention to our history, and know what’s happened before and know specifically how we can continue to do the good things that we do around the world.”

Neither Donald Trump nor Ted Cruz view the role of the U.S. in Afghanistan to be anything beyond fighting terrorism.

She continued with an even greater hint that she was speaking in opposition to current GOP frontrunner, bloviating billionaire Donald Trump.

“I understand that Americans are angry and frustrated but we do not need someone in the Oval Office who mirrors and inflames our anger and frustration.”

Laura Bush was a Democrat before she married George W. Bush. Given that fact and the coziness of the relationship between their two families, a vote for Hillary Clinton could very well be what Laura Bush was alluding to.

Let’s also not forget that Hillary Clinton wrote an endorsement of Laura Bush’s book, We are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope.

“For over a decade, Laura Bush has been an ally and advocate for the women of Afghanistan and, in particular, has worked to ensure that the voices of Afghan women are heard. In this book, she shares inspiring stories that not only capture the suffering of Afghan women but also show their tremendous courage and resilience and the contribution they are making to build a better future for Afghanistan.”

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

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Jennifer Burke
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