LEAKED: Clinton Campaign Debated Whether Saying ‘Amen’ Would ‘Rub People the Wrong Way’

It used to be said of Bill Clinton that he’d stick his finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing in order to determine his “official position” on an issue. That’s what non-principled, conniving people do. When you are accustomed to manipulating people, having one position privately and another publicly, you focus test everything to see how the people would react.

Given a new revelation unveiled due to Wikileaks, it looks like not much in that way has changed with the Clintons since Bill’s wife, Hillary, is the exact same way. Case in point is this.

After Pope Francis issued an encyclical on the environment that was right in line with the agenda of progressive, leftists, the Clinton campaign debated whether the “official tweet” from Hillary should have the word “Amen.”

In June 2015, Pope Francis issued an encyclical in which he called “for the wealthy to change their lifestyle to protect the environment.” Leftists were ecstatic and the Clinton campaign mobilized to determine what would be the official tweet from Hillary.

Although tweets signed with an ‘H’ are supposed to be written by Hillary Clinton herself, you know to show what is supposedly is in her cold heart, we’ve learned recently that Hillary can’t even be honest about that. Rather than Hillary writing these tweets, staffers were writing them for her and duping the American people into believing they were directly from Hillary to give insight into her thoughts.

A campaign staffer named Lauren Peterson prepared two different tweets that were discussed by Clinton staffers, including campaign chair John Podesta, who was also caught in another email chain insulting Catholicism and strategizing how to take down the Catholic church from within.

The first option was as follows:

“Real problems take real solutions. Thank you, @Pontifex for shining a light on the crisis of climate change. -H.”

The second option had the word ‘Amen,’ which some members of Team Clinton deemed controversial.

“There’s only one thing to say about @Pontifex’s bold statements on climate change & renewable energy: Amen. -H.”

A Clinton staffer named Teddy Goff weighed in via email on what he thought about both tweets, indicating that he liked the second but he wasn’t sure about using the word ‘Amen’ because it might “rub people the wrong way.” He sought the perspective of “non-Jews” on whether people would be offended.

“Adding Podesta here too for his review. I vote #2, but defer to the non-Jews on this thread if anyone thinks ‘amen’ might rub people the wrong way.”

Podesta’s response didn’t address the usage or non-usage of ‘Amen.’

“I’m ok. We are kind of slow on the draw here so might try to do something more forward leaning like encyclical + Pope’s September visit to US & UN add critical momentum to Paris conference. Other way to take this is to thank him for pointing out that the people at the bottom will get clobbered the most by climate change.”

Ultimately, Clinton campaign staffers tweeted a combo of these messages, without ‘Amen,’ then duped the American people into thinking this was a thought directly from Hillary herself by signing it wth an ‘H.’

“.@Pontifex is right—climate change is a moral crisis that disproportionately harms the neediest among us. We need leadership, not denial. -H.”

Typical Hillary. Deception at its finest.

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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