Having Learned Nothing, Dems Re-Elect Leftist ‘San Fran Nan’ as House Minority Leader

Having learned nothing from the electoral map showing that the Democrat Party, once the political party for “the little guy” or “the working man,” has now been fundamentally transformed into a party of out-of-touch snobbish elites, Democrats overwhelmingly re-elected progressive leftist Nancy Pelosi (Commie-CA) to continue as House minority leader.

Pelosi, 76, who infamously said when pimping Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” (we now know what’s in it and it’s rotten to the core), defeated Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan , 43, by a vote of 134-63.

Also elected to leader positions on Wednesday were James Clyburn , 76, and Steny Hoyer , 77. Clyburn will serve as assistant democratic leader while Hoyer will be the democratic whip for the 115th Congress.

Pelosi joins another Democrat swamp leader, Charles Schumer , 66, who will be taking the reigns from retiring Harry Reid as Senate minority leader. With Schumer, a New York senator and Pelosi, the meme that the Democrat Party is no longer a national party will likely grow.

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When Ryan announced his run against Pelosi, a radical communist, said he was “pulling the fire alarm” as a response to Democrats stunning national and statewide losses since Pelosi took the helm. Ryan said that House Democrats under Pelosi’s leadership had lost 68 seats since 2010 and that:

I mean, we’re at the point now where not even a national party at this point. We have some support on the coasts but we’ve lost the support of Middle America. We are not a national party and we better make some big changes.”

Apparently, Democrats heard the fire alarm but are ignoring its loud signal.

Meanwhile, Republicans across the board were overjoyed with Pelosi’s win, believing that her leadership will only result in further losses for the declining party.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
A former Washington State U.S. Congressional candidate in 2010, Matthew attended the nation’s first modern day Tea Party in 2009 in Seattle, Washington. He also began writing and blogging that year. Matthew became a Certified Financial Planner in 1995 and was a Financial Advisor for 24 years in his previous life. Matthew was one of the three main writers leading a conservative news site to be one of the top 15 conservative news sites in the U.S. in a matter of months. He brings to PolitiStick a vast amount of knowledge about economics as well as a passion and commitment to the vision that our Founding Fathers had for our Republic.

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