Lefties Go Mad After Carly Fiorina Receives Unexpected Praise from this Legendary Sports Figure

After Wednesday night’s Republican presidential candidate debate on CNN, many believed that Carly Fiorina turned in one of the strongest performances. In fact, some went so far as to declare her the winner. In one unexpected person’s eyes, Fiorina definitely was his top pick and it isn’t resting well with some of his fans.

Phil Jackson is a legend in basketball. He has won a total of 11 NBA championships, more  than any other coach in history; six with the Chicago Bulls and five with the Los Angeles Lakers. A Buddhist, Jackson has the nickname of “Zen Master” and, although he rarely weighs in on political matters at all, especially on social media, he did so last night during the debate.

During the debate, Jackson took to Twitter with a statement about his take on the debate that was simple, yet filled with his excitement.

Uh oh, Phil. Now you done stepped in it! Even being the great Phil Jackson did not stop trolls from responding to his tweet with insults, hopes, and at times demands, that he take it back. Some even went so far as to tell Phil what he does and does not like.

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Some idiot even thinks that Jackson’s supporter of Fiorina should mean he can no longer win any NBA championships.

The Zen Master did have some who supported his proclamation.




Given Phil Jackson’s legend status within the NBA, any attempted boycott of him or demands that he be fired from his position as president of the New York Knicks will likely fall on deaf ears. But, given the voracity with which the Left tries to destroy anyone who disagrees with them politically at any point in time, it wouldn’t surprise me if they tried.

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