Leftist Bill Maher Reveals the GOP Candidate He Fears the Most: ‘Very Scary’

Bill Maher: Donald Trump Says Things Even a ‘Liberal Can Love’

Leftist comedian Bill Maher is no fan of Donald Trump, saying that he says “crazy things” and would be a “disaster” as president, but there’s another GOP presidential candidate Maher really hates — Ted Cruz.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, a leftist publication and a member of the Democrat Media Complex, Maher says that Donald Trump “could actually be turned around on some issues.”

Or, as Trump has often said, he makes deals.

Maher compared some of Trump’s statements and positions to those of communist Noam Chomsky, an idol to anti-freedom leftists, but nevertheless, Ted Cruz, a constitutional conservative, is “scarier” to the purveyor of progressive perversion.

Ted Cruz is scarier than Donald Trump. Because I think Donald Trump, despite some of the crazy things he says and some of the disgusting things he says, he also says some things that a liberal can love. His stance on getting out of the Middle East and being against the Iraq War is stuff that was pretty consistent with what Obama was saying last night. And also, taking on hedge-fund managers.

It just shows that people in this country are so out of it politically that ideology doesn’t really matter anymore. When Putin was praising Trump and Joe Scarborough said to him, “You know, Putin murders journalists,” Trump’s response was, “Yeah, we kill people, too.” That’s the kind of thing Noam Chomsky says, you know? So look, Trump would be a disaster as president, don’t get me wrong, but I think he could actually be turned around on some issues.”

When the Beast asked Maher why he found Ted Cruz “scarier” to the left than Donald Trump, considering his constitutional law background and educational credentials (Princeton, Harvard) that liberals usually approve of, Maher said that Cruz, a born-again Christian whose father, Rafael Cruz, is a Baptist minister, has “high intelligence” but is somehow “evil.”

“It’s high intelligence in the service of evil. It’s one thing to have evil people who aren’t that bright! There’s a reason why everyone hates Ted Cruz. There’s a reason why the big question about Ted Cruz is always, “When he shaves in the morning, how does he avoid spitting in the mirror?” To think of this guy being the president of the United States, this ambition and love of power combined with being on the wrong side of every issue, it’s a very scary prospect.

Respecting the “high intelligence” of a constitutional conservative is a rarity. The left referred to Ronald Reagan as an “amiable dunce,” and we all know how they painted Sarah Palin, as they do with any rising conservative star.

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But they can’t call Ted Cruz stupid, dumb or ignorant. His intelligence is, to quote Bill Maher, “very scary” to them. The former national debate champion is not only smarter and more articulate than any liberal, but could very possibly be smarter than all of the left put together, even though that may not be saying all that much.

Longtime Clinton operative James Carville, never one to apply praise to conservatives, said in 2013 that Ted Cruz was the most talented and fearless Republican politician that he’s seen in the past thirty years. In other words, since Ronald Reagan.


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