Leftist Chris Matthews’ Racism EXPOSED After Uttering These Words

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has gone from having a tingle up his leg for Barack Obama to letting his racism ooze out willingly when talking about two Republican presidential candidates who, if either one won the nomination and then the presidency, would be the first Latino president ever.

So much for political correctness, respect, and wanting to “make history,” right?

After news broke that Republican frontrunner and reality TV star Donald Trump would not participate the GOP Debate to be held on FOX News on Thursday, after his demands for Megyn Kelly removal as a moderator were denied, Matthews posed a question on his fledgling TV show that would make headlines of every mainstream media outlet if he was a conservative TV host uttering these words about Democrats.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Florida Senator Marco Rubio are currently in second and third place in most polls. So, like all liberals who try on a daily basis to hide their racism, but let it out with ease if it means denigrating a Republican, Chris Matthews let his true inner racist show.

Here is a transcript of the discussion of Trump’s withdrawal from the FOX hosted GOP debate on MSNBC between Katie Tur and the racist Chris Matthews. (courtesy of Newsbusters, video follows)

KATY TUR: Corey Lewandowski [Trump campaign manager] who’s standing right over here, is telling reporters that Trump’s word is his bond and that he will not be participating in this debate. I will say he has threatened this in the past and he’s still shown up. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Is this a threat or a statement? What’s Lewandoski saying? What’s Corey saying? Is this a statement or a threat. Why don’t you check with that. Robert [Costa of WaPo].  Who’s going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys? Who’s going to watch a debate between Rubio, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz? Who cares?!

If Matthews were a conservative saying this about two Democrats the left would go ballistic and call for the network to fire him. The left insultingly believes that all minorities should look in the mirror and determine their political ideology based on their skin color. When you are a minority especially one who is black or Latino, and you dare to be a Republican instead of a Democrat, then the left takes the gloves off, and reveals their bigotry and racism, to “put you in your place.”

Disgusting and shameful. But, that slip showed people precisely the hypocrisy that engulfs the left, and the disdain and bigotry they truly possess for minorities when they attempt to ridicule and demean those who dare to think for themselves.


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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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